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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 61)


Back with another (late) episode of Weedtube Wake & Bake! From weed getting genomically sequenced, to Starbucks suing a glass company for “DABUCCINO” rigs.

Cannabis Genome Sequencing – (

Austallia Cannabis Patients Growing – (

Woman Caught Growing Weed Blames Prince Charles – (

Starbucks Sues Hitman – (

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  • Shitmanglass got what was coming

  • That's all great news, thanks for including links to the stories. And that's a pretty clever use of the blockchain.

  • I can't stop laughing ?

  • THAT RASKAL though man, soooo lemony, soooooo cleannnn :)

  • dont know if you already brought up STANDING ROCK. if you havent please do its without a doubt the biggest thing happening to america itself and hardly no one knows about this insensible acts of violence on PEACEFUL PROTESTORS. and if you already talked about it then please bring it up again!

  • josh is so adorable as a lion I can't

  • You should have dressed as a pineapple lol

  • I smoked weed for the first time like 6 days ago and smoked everyday until halloween, and I got really fucked. I smoked like half a gram out of a home made bong and I still feel kinda stoned. but I also think it has something to do with my anxiety meds

  • thanks soo much for talking about the legitimacy of cannabis strains. i have been concerned that what ive been medicating with wasnt the real deal. now i can sleep soundly at night.

  • love this channel watching well on my way from the shop xD

  • dude we all know that weed can cure alot of things but that doesnt mean u can smoke crack risck-free. i hope you'll be alright

  • Hey josh where do you get all this cannabis news? Any websites or app I should know about lol like reading articles and stuff lol cheeers josh!

  • now i cant trust your stories are legit, do u fact check ur info dude from more than one source?

  • And no state is allowing home grown at all i have no idea where you got that info……
    wow man ur really letting me down as a subscriber from the start :(

  • Dude I absolutely love your shit. Im from Australia and bro get your facts right they are all messed up and all backward ass like our so called new laws. All laws changed do not actually involve patients dude lol

  • I knew they would get copyright infringement for those bongs lmao i just sit back and watch the stupidity unfold nowadays

  • you should dress up as a lion sometime because of your beard and hair

  • You're like one of the internet's best kept secrets man.