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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 60)


Back again with another wild week filled with weed news! From french fry blunts to US states legalizing, it’s another great episode!

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  • "Why don't these things happen to me?" 😀 :D

  • that's called a French Blunt braj

  • More wake and bakes.

  • Dude probably had the blunt on his ear & it fell into the basket when he was cooking up the fries!

  • lmao i live like 10 minutes away from this wendies im always pleased with my food but a blunt would be nice

  • lol the worker was blazing a blunt on his break only smoked it halfway came inside stunk manager was suspicious threw it in the fries and its gone .

  • Something tells me by what you said about "not telling anyone how to vote" had to do with the whole Casey Neistat thing going on. That same thing was said by h3h3, who you've referenced before or wore a shirt with some sort of tie to that channel. The only thing is that this isn't the same situation. It just seemed odd to bring up the fact that you're not trying to tell people how to vote when just about everyone watching videos on this channel are likely pro-marijuana anyway.

    I'm not trying to be rude or anything. Just seemed pretty clear where the comment came from even though the context didn't really apply to this situation.

  • They forgot they had it behind their ear is what it sounds like and it fell out but why wouldn't you pick it back up

  • +StrainCentral is there a video for the bong on the left like unboxing??

  • hoo hoo hoo who else expected him to start singing gorillaz

  • i was hitting my 18 inch slyme accented straight tube from TAG right along with you man, cheers!

  • California baby!!!!!!! Yes

  • He rolled it,then put it behind his ear then forgot it ther…went back 2 work…leaned over 2 mix chips ? n that is the moment it fell in,(true) da dummy! Lol

  • them closed eyes

  • NJ really has to legalize im facing two possession charges at 17 and its really stressfull all for smoking a little bit of weed, its fucked up

  • "I smoke and tell you stories"

  • Omg I would love to get a blunt in my fast food….that happened at a Sonic restaurant near my house not too long ago…never happens to me though! haha

  • great video Josh! I love the fun weed facts, I don't usually hear about them elsewhere

  • Florida is trying too

  • Hey bro I'm a medical patient in Arizona, I love the way the medical industry is right now. should I chance voting on recreational and shit changing?