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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 59)


Back with another week filled with interesting cannabis news! Yet again, more drug smuggling gone wrong & old ladys getting raided for weed.


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  • that vorhees! love your channel brother

  • for all you know Josh that old lady could have been a drug lord

  • Am I the only one that thinks it might be bad to get someone high and drunk at the same time?

  • What beat plays at the end of your videos lol

  • Smuggling weed in fruit roll ups lol but smuggling weed with tires would work Nicely

  • Nice video man! What are your thoughts on Cali's Prop 64 Adult Marijuana Use Act?

  • Am I the only one that started messing with the quality before he told us about the blur

  • cannabis infused alcohol is not absorbed sublingually guy?

  • you still charging people for your autograph stickers…take a note from LA beast

  • I love wake n bakes, I have been gone for a minute so now I get play catch up lol cheers josh

  • I didn't have my glasses on and didn't realise it was a little burly ? Keep it up Josh, love the vids! ❤️

  • Oh it's wacky weed, the devil lettuce, the old lady is trying to grow her own medicine so the big pharmaceutical companies are running their on armies now, remember the pharmaceutical companies can't make money off a cure so I say right on grandma way to go keep up the good fight

  • LOVIN that Raskals Cleaner from refine, right!?

  • JOSH where can I find that acorn grinder, it looks amazing!

  • America does not look like such a free society from the outside. You have a larger number of citizens in prison than any country in the world including China and several despotic countries such as N. Korea. The amazing thing about the States is the sheer number of things for which you can be arrested in America. As well as federal law, states, counties, and cities can pass their own criminal laws that combine to make many, many activities illegal in the "land of the free". Add to that the privatized profit motivated prisons that create a huge economic incentive to look people up, you have a very tense situation in which "freedom" is very carefully regulated.

  • Regarding the weed burial in China: It is also interesting to note that the flowers had been trimmed off the weed in the burial chamber, giving some archaeologists the idea that they were using hemp for more than making rope. Given the number of things used in traditional Chinese medicine, I would be surprised if they were not using it for medical purposes.

  • hey man could you try some distillates. I know they have little to no flavor. but they just popped up around here in Michigan dispensaries. so have you ever tried any. please do a video

  • do news of maryland

  • tbh a pot of chili is a pretty good idea to smuggle weed

  • weekly my ass