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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 58)


Another interesting week filled with cannabis news! 😛

Nick Diaz CBD Ruling – (

Ohio Medical Cannabis – (

UK Cannabis House Fire – (

Weed in Glove Boxes – (

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  • Always love the wake and bake's, Josh; actually they are what attracted me to your channel in the first place. I love learning new facts and hearing both ridiculous stories of oppression of marijuana, and the triumphs as it comes closer to being a normal part of society. Keep doing what you're doing and don't forget to keep the community informed.

  • Dude. Shut. Up. Stop. Rambling.

  • anyone notice how his eye were close most of the video lmao

  • legalizing weed is like saying we realize this stuff can help a shit ton of major and minor illnesses but only the people in these 25 states deserve it, the rest of yall can treat pain with alcohol and prescription drugs

  • you're cool Josh. u motivate me. I've been watching your channel for about a year so far and I like your work. I feel like I know you just through your tone and positive attitude in your videos. oh and I also get products that you use. I'm a healthy smoker too. JOINTS ONLY!!! and of course the glass pieces and vapes too.

  • Got My Recommendation at ECMM Venice

  • I hate the uk and I hate how they force me to wait in streets and parks at 11pm waiting a while just for 2 grand of weed that's usually an unknown strain or the common ones e.g cheese, amnesia haze, lemon haze and I've just got to hope that's it's good quality. It's still crazy to me how people can just go into shops and guy an ounce of top quality weed for a good price,hopefully the UK government wise up about the benefits of marijuana.

  • If you have a terminal-illness your taking MEDS that probably get you way higher then vapping cannabis oil

  • Mcgregor whipped his ass :D

  • Im now 72. Last year it was recommend to me, "that I should start smoking pot to help with some of my medical conditions". I have been using for just over a year. To my amazement it has helped with my aches and pains, given me a better attitude, and give me an appetite. What no body warned me about was: it made me a nicer person to be around and give me back my libido, and enhance my sexual experience. All those years believing the "BIG LIE". When I die, they will have to pry my bong from my cold dead hands. May your clock always be set at 4:20. Grandpa Bill

  • It was Nate Diaz not Nick

  • Bro, where was yesterdays wake an bake? O.o

  • I live in Ohio and still can't access medical legally. We're so far behind man it sucks

  • Josh I have come to realize that when I'm high, you're videos make a lot of sense, but when i'm not high your videos seem to be really funny and goofy

  • Watching this while I'm baked off a wax pen makes it 100x better!

  • can someone tell me the exact name of the heater he's using for his rig?

  • Bro I live in Ohio cincinnati Ohio and I smoke all the damn time up here Feds ain't shit fr when it comes to smoking just a ticket if you 18 or older

  • Im new here, does he have depression?

  • his name is Nate Diaz man. ur mistaking him for his brother nick

  • buzzing see u next time mate ??