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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 57)


So I thought i’d film a nice little wake & bake session on the lake! 😛
I didn’t have a whole ton of cannabis news to report on, but it was quite a beautiful setting.


Mothership Crop Circle – (

Airport Cannabis Disposal – (

Oregon Poop Weed – (

Stoners Smoke More Weed – (


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  • did nobody notice that he said wake n bake #56

  • wat is ur top vaporizer you'd prefer to purchase???

  • Hi Josh from FL!!

    P.S. What kind of camera do you usually use to film?

  • Josh be rocking that jacket like a boss

  • hahahahhaa he said 56, boi its 57 ??

  • #56

    or #57

  • I laughed so hard when you said poop weed.

  • love the jacket

  • Woah Josh didn't put enough water in a piece, what is the world coming to haha

  • when recycling turns wasteful lmao. really tho they better do something with that left over pot.

  • What if oxygen gets us high and weed reverses the effects?

  • Bro you look like wolverine when you have a leather jacket on

  • Am I the only one who got completely tripped out when the camera kept refocusing

  • DID NO ONE NOTICE THAT HE SAID #56 instead of #57

  • im so high i couldnt tell if you had pants on for like 3 minutes

  • shit dats like a leave a penny take a penny. u grab a sac as u cum off ur plane cummn back to Colorado

  • Dorset is a county not a town they're both the English equivalent to a state but obviously much smaller and don't have their own legal system

  • in Corpus Christi tx the police department got a tip from a teenager riding his bike home and passed by a park where he reported to the cops they are Marijuana plants so ccpd pulled 400plants from that park thinking they stopped a pot far well when they tested it out it was just a normal weed grown everywhere lol they spent the whole time pulling those plants or just plain old weeds that grow in gardens out for nothing lol I wish I could find the article pretty sure if u Google it u will find it lol idk thought I share that story to u its funny also because they showed pics on the video of it and it no where near looked like any kind of cannabis plants lol wow they should definitely research and investigate it before wasting time and money of the people in Corpus Christi tx I bet they will never take a tip from that teenager again lol

  • I wish we had weather fluctuate like that here. south Carolina is similar to Washington with all the rain but its like your cooking in a steam well compared to an oven. would love to come check out the northwest one day.

  • I'm digging this "biker josh still recovering from hempfest" look.