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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 55)


From weed paintings, to cops that smoke.. it’s an interesting week! 😛

Weed grown in prison – (

Canadian cops that smoke – (

“Average marijuana joint” – (

Fake weed filled art frames – (

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  • yea a whole g seems like a lot cause i roll blunts with a g. my joints or like .5ish but also i break it down by hand so..idk

  • Josh are you drinking…..Dasani….? ?

  • Our friend group tend to use 0.3 – 0.5 in ours. In (Scotland and London).

  • plzz plzz plzz go live on youtube

  • I'm in Alberta, Canada. Going in to get my med card in September.
    My city, Red Deer, just announced that they'll be building a dispensary.

  • Most people use tobacco thats why a joint only contains that much.

  • Its horse shit that this plant isnt legal.

  • Canada is very lenient on marijuana laws. I can't even count on my fingers how many times I've been stopped by the cops with weed and pipe in my pocket, and get told to just take it somewhere else. Or even having them walk up to me and my friends hotboxing the car. We had probably at least a quarter of bud and half ounce of hash. Was aloud to walk home after they confiscated! ??

  • Do you know where the research for the journal was done? Since we add tobacco to our joints in Europe it could be that weed content of joints in Europe were studied, not in the US. Thoughts?

  • lmao .03

  • I never understood it but niggas over here in Chicago be rolling up saw's (.5's) but I always try and but at least a gram in both my joints and blunts

  • In the netherlands people mix tobacco with their weed when they roll a joint so .3 in a joint isn't that strange over here.
    Not sure if that influenced it tho.

  • Great storys this week . Dabbing some sherblato Cheers!

  • Why do you make fun of smoking small amounts? That's some bullshit like I have a lot of money but I don't brag by smoking lots of weed I smoke what it takes me to get high which is probably .3 honestly and there's no way that J was .3 that looked like .1

  • .4 gram for me

  • i watch your videos a lot when i'm blazing alone. makes me feel a lil less lonely ?

  • Where'd u get that shirt my dude!?

  • They might mean, 0,3 with tobacco.

  • hello, Houdini here ?

  • LOL the way talk at 11:46 is so hilarious! :D