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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 54)


It was quite a slow news week, but I still found a couple stories to get high and ramble about! 😛

DEA not Rescheduling – (

Santa Ana $100k Reward – (

Jamaican Airport Weed – (

Indiana Weed Church – (

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  • I just moved from indiana to Michigan trust me even with gov. pence gone IN is light years away

  • Yo josh you should really start making more of these stickers and selling them. I know I'd love to have one if I got the chance to buy one

  • Dear josh,

    Your videos are helping me stay positive despite my depression. Thank you for helping through these hard times. Stay positive, stay medicated, peace josh

  • What if a dispensary owner tried to cap another dispensary owner to get rid of the competition.

  • 1:48 "A lot of people thought to seem" mmm good stuff

  • what's the best way to refresh dry bud?

  • why does my weed crackle quietly when i smoke a bowl? never done this before

  • Cool storys this week Cheers Josh

  • Will there be any Strain Central stickers in the July Hemper box?

  • do a video about the news on the riots, protesters, and the man getting shot in baton rouge Louisiana

  • Looks like the stickers are almost forming USA haha

  • Aside of all the heroine that's Indiana for you lol I wish they'd legalize it already.

  • I bought a hemper box ! Bro love your work I'm a mad fan !!!

  • Josh you call tourists two-wrists. lol. I love your channel!

  • will it break if it falls when i get out my car?

  • Also. The state probably only likes that they legalized mj because they can tax it so much without any issues due to the fact that some older generations dislike it so much.

  • Watching your videos make me sad, 'cause I'm too broke to afford any bud. ):

  • legalize in Indiana I lived here all my life!!!!!

  • so this is kinda of crazy story… But girls you have to admit this would be so fire ?

  • Huge fan of your content! What's your favorite type of concentrate? Crumble, shatter…. Etc..