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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 51)


It was quite an interesting news week this week & most of these stories were suggested throughout the week on twitter! 😛 So thank you to all who sent me stories!!

Toronto Cannabis Arrests – (

Cannabis Gym – (

Keurig of Cannabis – (

Stoned Sheep – (

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  • I took HS spanish I still dont know how to say second.

  • you should do a show with a green screen with that shirt on

  • I'm high. And Josh's shirt has me trippin'. So many bright green dots…

  • I miss the guitar riffs that used to play in the background. Now it's just drum beats. You used to have good music maaaaan. I love the content but that music had pizzazz.

  • "Halfway decent O" lmao not even close

  • lmao dude sheep in the plural tense is still sheep LMAAOOOOOO

  • ALL animals have endocannabinoid receptors

  • sheeps lol

  • Do you even lift bro?

  • my dog ate a roach once it had literally like .0000001 gr of weed in it but 30 minutes later he was Wilding out barking and running all over the place

  • That's a cool ass shirt, Josh

  • The plural of "sheep" is "sheep". I'm pretty sure we've been over this.

  • How many tries did that take for that joint?

  • I've herd they have problems in mendicino with the deer eating cannaibis watched on a cool documentary on Netflix about growing medical maryjuana. peace ✌

  • sheep's lol love it?

  • Sheeps…

  • I got fried once before going to the gym to ball , and I swear it was my best shouting night ever

  • We have wax cartridges in Michigan that just got outlawed but they came with a prepackaged cartridge that you would plug into your better that was rechargeable they were awesome now they are hard to get

  • I think that would be the only place I feel comfortable working out, a stoner gym lol. Every other place I feel like someone needs to be a didkhead or you get the people that stare at other people allot lol.

  • gay cunt