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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 50)


From IRS agents getting busted for trying to bribe weed stores, to more weedy fruits getting found at the border, it’s a great week full of news for episode 50! 😛

Thank you all so much for supporting the channel so far! I can’t wait for another 50 episodes!!!

IRS Agent Bribe – (

Weed pays for college – (

Fatal cannabis crash – (

Weed in the coconut and shake it all up – (

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  • Coconut milk are the words you're looking for lol

  • Lmao! "Is it bad that I don't know if these are fruits or not " ??? #HIGHfive dude! Love your videos! #cheers!

  • great message on the driving segment!

  • I just wanna report this news lmao, smoking weed does not increase your heart rate sativa or not. I've kinda used my dog and myself over the years as an experiments but not really. Thru my experience I've found that my dogs heart rate actually slows down no matter what kind of weed it is, even with a sativa dab he got relaxed and the Heart rate slowed down. Mine as well. All who I know that smoke say the same. As long as it's weed of course. That's the news!!

  • haha I'm from pueblo. co. that's funny that this is the first video I watched and that's the first thing you mention lol.

  • It's funny you mention that bit about misconceptions of the accidents in CO; I definitely saw articles saying weed was responsible for an increase of car accidents. Be smart and careful people!

  • Cheers man

  • josh loose the armrest… use a chair without them…peace

  • Where is Wake and Bake Episode#51!!??????

  • Love your vids! I look forward to the positive pep talk at the end of each video. It reminds me to keep my attitude pos, and as a result I'm a little happier every day! So thank you for that Josh.

  • Sure but MOST if not all were DRINKING AND DRIVING! Just because they "say" it was cannabis but FAIL to mention alcohol! I've never heard of anyone causing a car wreck JUST because of cannabis? Educate me if I'm wrong! :–)) keep preaching the truth!! Cheers Josh! ?

  • you used to be cool

  • Lol josh admits to driving under the influence, although I don't see how he can drive sober if he's always high

  • This video is way too preachy.

  • I love how your channel is evolving…love the edits awesome good fun..#peace guys

  • I'm pretty sure that "driving paired" speech was for uber

  • My names Josh and I'm stoned too, cheers

  • Doo the Michigan story!!! :)


  • if its illegal how would they allow a rec dispense to be made