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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 5)


This is a series I occasionally put out early for all of Weedtube to wake and bake along with! ­čÖé Hoping everyone can get nice and toasty with me this morning!


  • I live in Australia so i smoke a Billie that is made out off a power-aid bottle and the down piece is a hose, and if im desperate ill make do with an aluminum can.´╗┐

  • On some tangerine haze in North Carolina´╗┐

  • Love your show, Josh. I'm new to all this and was looking for information. I have found a LOT of information here!! Thank you. You are always so upbeat and encouraging. That really helps.´╗┐

  • I want Girl Scout anything. Have yet to try it and I want apart of the hype´╗┐

  • Some golden goat I've been told it taste like cinnamon´╗┐

  • I would want some GDP.´╗┐

  • dude didn't you know cannabis users are the lowest form of humanity?! lol´╗┐

  • I love me some sour diesel ?´╗┐

  • sour diesel has always been my favorite strain´╗┐

  • mine probably would be sour diesel´╗┐

  • If I could be smoking anything right now it would be dr who, I am a total nerd for dr who, it's crossed with mad scientist and timewreck, perfect indica dominate hybrid.´╗┐

  • blue dream/lemon kush and im from boston´╗┐

  • smoking on some amazing purple in oakland´╗┐

  • haha watching the series in 2016 and the flashlight was on the whole video who else noticed that lol´╗┐

  • Skywalker OG´╗┐

  • blue dream. I always watch your channel when I'm out. and with I'm stocked. I love the herb so much. going to an online school to learn to become a budtender for the legal market. 4 basic courses, $99 a pop.´╗┐

  • any thing that would just put me in a relaxing mood´╗┐

  • any goooooooood bud will do.´╗┐

  • If I could have any strain rn I would have queens speciel, its a danish strain tastes kinda like applees´╗┐

  • Oil and a bit of flour because never done oil before I have rose in tact it before a few times but it's too much money LOL so Girl Scout cookies oil that you got and the picture of bud lolÔťî?´ŞĆÔťî?´╗┐