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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 49)


From Germany starting the process of legalizing medical cannabis, to people smoking weed in Columbian streets out of fruits… It’s another awesome weed news week! 😛

Germany Legalizing – (

Columbian Marijuana March – (

Girl suspended for smell of weed – (

1-800-Weed? – (

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  • Same as fuck . Didn't even get checked for weed. Fuck school .

  • Yo I live in NC and that's why I do not fuck around. Whenever I smoke, I incense and spray up just in case. I know some who don't though (crazy imo)

  • 3:30 Columbia is nice but wayyy too sketchy for tourists :'p

  • My niggas 1800 flower gonna be the biggest plug since Pablo Escobar ???

  • A school doesn't need probable cause to search a student they can do whatever the fuck they want

  • You should make a pineapple bong. .. or rig.

  • lets pray that weed is legalized for episode 50

  • tbh that's how nc schools are. they are absolutely ridiculous

  • Dude where can I get a hemp wick like that?

  • God bless bro stoners for life

  • CannabisCollective would have been such a better name

  • Talk about ct

  • almost hit you with a thumbs-down on that one player get that bone dry most flavor. good thing for your from Tacoma lol hoyt

  • the same thing happened to me at school. i got suspended for smelling like weed ( but i was actually high thoe ???). but i passed the test.

  • Come on fifty!!!!!

  • Prime health minister

  • Are you sponsored by leafy?

  • For 50, try and get a buddy round and sit in your living room and smoke a few joints have a few dabs etc and talk about the topics you pick etc just an idea! Peace brother

  • Somthing latly has been going down with ohio starting to leagalize but not quite sure, you should cover it