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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 48)


Thought i’d change up the setting again & film against the art wall this week, but it’s another interesting news week in the cannabis world. From DEA announcements to rappers that got waaaaaay too high, lets get into it!

Alaskan changes in cannabis licensing – (

Washington state issues license to felon – (

Canada cannabis – (

DEA PTSD studies – (

Waka Flocka too high – (

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  • Really want to smoke on Alaska thunder fuck.

  • Cannabis has definitely helped my PTSD, but I'm struggling to pay for my meds. I am not a vet (but I am an Oregonian), but I'd still like to see health insurance or another program at least pay a percentage of my and other's medical cannabis.

  • Only 14 years?

  • " is there a felony that doesn't matter " says the stoner.

  • Waka was in the 5th dimension dude. lol

  • See, the thing I have to say about the recreational license requirements of a background check aren't entirely the greatest. I got a felony when I was 13 for a robbery I didn't commit. Since then, (I'm 16 now) I recently got a marijuana charge of possession for less than a gram. Sure, I see how the denial of a charge I got can seem a lie, but it's the truth. I like smoking, as I imagine most people watching this channel do, but I'm not a bad person because of things that have happened in the past.

  • I don't think somebody should be denied medical marijuana because of their background.

  • In Canada (at least ontario) its hard to get arrested without having a large amount and from my experience police will just take it from you. There are multiple lounges in Toronto and Vancouver where you can go and smoke as much weed as you like. We also have a lot of legislation in place that do make it harder to legalize it completely. Love your videos Josh, always happy to hear about Canadian things on your channel.

  • Almost reasonable? Think of it as a medicine. If you have a criminal record should you be denied chemotherapy or high blood pressure pills, should there be a waiting period? Thats what the doc said when I got my license.

  • If you're looking for a international story you could look into Australia having a bill passed to legalize Medical Cannabis in most states.

  • "…the paramedics said 'his vitals are good, he's just high as fuck'" real quote from the paramedics

  • either the hemp wick goes out too early or wont go out

  • Hey man, this is the first of your videos that I have seen. I got up for a wake and bake and wanted some company so to speak. So I hopped on YouTube to check some smokin videos and stumbled across yours. It's easy listening to you and pretty interesting and informative since I just learned shit of the US for the day lol. Very good message at the end about tribulations. Awesome man. Subscribed

  • Well after that last words, I am going to learn for my exams now :)

  • Got some art work for you

  • Kids with cancer ingest about a gram of THC a day

  • Thank you so much josh, I loved this video. I have a chronic illness and marijuana helps me so that I can actually live my life. I couldn't get a steady job and I almost didn't go to university because I was too sick… I tried marijuana two years ago for the first time and it has been a life changer. I now can have a job and go to school and live a normal life. It's really helped me get back to normal and control the symptoms that I have due to my illness. I hope with the legalization in Canada (I'm from Manitoba) comes with something to do with it costing less (or it being free) for medical patients like me! Anyways, loved your video! ☺️

  • Waka lookin happy lol

  • 5:26

  • you didnt use the wood pipe you got