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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 45)


Back with another interesting week of cannabis news. We’ve only got one international story, but there’s some awesome U.S. shenanigans!

Washington D.C. Weed Protest – (

Real Life Breaking Bad – (

Ottowa Cannabis Billboard – (

Dog Finds Weed – (

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  • Dogs are truly man's best friend

  • im suprised he didnt make a bigger deal about the spice story consibering it fucks you up for life

  • The dog story happened like 20 minutes from my home town

  • Neo

    Thats wassup when we say "mans best friend" yo?

  • Neo

    Thats wassup when we say "mans best friend" yo?

  • medical is back on the ballot for November in Ohio again, gotta start somewhere i guess :o

  • i love how the cops took it all chill like where I live its illegal but the cops are nice about it and as long as your arent a dealer you will be ok, but its to bad that some people get fines or arrested for smoking

  • In canada erryonne be smoking and walking no ones gives a shit lol

  • Josh.. i dont smoke weed. Ive been clean for a while but i still am in love woth your videos. thank you for being so consistent with the production and quality of your videos. huge fan

  • Every SINGLE time josh hits a spoon pipe he always says, " I don't know how people can rip spoon pipes so hard" ??? gotta love it

  • hey josh,  do you know anything about the 2016 Denver cannabis cup.  When I look it up there saying it's going to be at several different places.  I am from Oklahoma and was planning a trip there this year.  Would appreciate any solid responses,  thanks bro,      chad bagley

  • glad to hear the protest went well. violent protester are really rare when it comes to cannabis

  • you cant get big rips because youre going to fast. you need to let it milk a bit of course, but once you clear itc you need to keep hitting it a bit until you have the hit you want. youre trying to much to rip it like a bong

  • MR. Triper

  • Love whatching this videos While High

  • So if there were 20 ppl smkoing infront of the white house; why were only 2 public consumption tickets handed out?

  • Proud to be a Hoosier??

  • the "spoon pipe" is actually called a beaker pipe haha it's a pipe that looks like a beaker bong

  • @3:00
    Missed a chance to say "to wakeup and smell the weed"