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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 43)


From fake CBD, to people getting arrested for locking their keys out of their car high, it’s a crazy weed news week! 😛

California smoking age change – (

FDA and CBD retailers – (

Weed smuggled in squash – (

Illinois man arrested after locking keys out of car – (

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  • Point 3 Should be: never ever call cops

  • Aim from nj and I got arrested last week for having an 8th on me and now I'm on probation and have to pay $833 fine

  • 23 times

  • People get addicted to tobacco mostly before the age of 18. It's also a jab at the Ecig market because California is losing tax money like crazy.

  • I want a dab!?

  • I think that only actual tobacco should be sold to 21+ and pipes and such should stay 18+ because who's honestly using them for tobacco…

  • Yeah but can't you just buy your stuff online?

  • WHAT? 21 for headshops thats retarded…
    copy Uruguay weed policy or some shit

    and its not ridiculous at all… 1 person with lots of money has a huge voice in politics and thats how the prison industry runs the congress to pass these legislations. They just want to throw more people in jail to make more money. Civilians dont really have a voice the politicians they elect get controlled anyways im done preaching fuck everyone except u josh shit im doing it again

  • it's been passed in the majority of Massachusetts

  • that rig does sound different josh! I like the shape of it too!

  • 6:35 dat move

  • Should make more vids with your girlfriend. She's fantastic

  • to many laws, to many cops, to many CBD products, nice stories Josh. Please help me find my friend Tegaan Klinker from Tacoma. I lost contact with her and from Belgium and can't get no informations from where i am

  • I lost contact with a friend called Tegaan Klinker from Tacoma. Anyone knows her here? From outside it s difficult to find dress and phone. Can someone help me please.

  • Have you try the Amnesia strain. The most popular here in BELGIUM

  • We love your channel in BELGIUM

  • What is up Josh? Best from BELGIUM

  • fuck cali

  • It's funny because smoking in the uk is 16 ?

  • 10:15 "Tonight, on CNBC, a story of how a water pipe retail store owner was attested for selling to minors for 'incense use only', only on channel 4"