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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 42)


It was quite a slow news week, but we’re back at it again with another Weedtube Wake & Bake! 😛

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  • It depends on what they are placing the $1-$1-5M on: the price of selling the whole plant to another person or the current value of cannabis or the potential value, i.e. how much would the 1000 have produced. The latter is a truer representation of the value law enforcement used.

  • I visited Colorado in 2014 I enjoyed their herb but it definitely wasn't strong enough to make me want to go to the hospital though love the video by the way.

  • If they got 1.5 million and 1000 plants thats 150 grams a plant 28/150000 = 5357 oz

  • colorados weed is fucking amazing dudes it always what i smoke

  • 1.5 ounces per plant estimate, with an australian street value of $360 per ounce, 1000 plants at 1500 ounces making roughly $540,000 in total australian value

  • fuck all of you

  • The stoner sloth thing makes me both laugh uncontrollably and be terribly embarrassed I live in a country which could produce such a terrible campaign

  • sour patch kids ?

  • lol how do you spit out all this info when you just took 2 rips and an even bigger dab

  • youre videos honestly make me feel good man, thanks for making videos bro

  • Hey loves the Videos! from the Oregon Coast, always Smoking with my Friends and love smoking with people Sesh times are the best times 🙂 Hit up my just started Youtube Channel @Crossfadedcrew Hope whoever check me out enjoys and i hope you SUBSCRIBE!! Peeace

  • i love this guys vids

  • i thought i was the only one

  • The legalization (or decriminalization) of herb in numerous states is wonderful; the wishy washy means by which states are actually doing it is laughably expected. This is the problem when the left leads the charge on policy. I mean just make a regular sales tax free market good with an 18 or 21 age limit. Hell, let's make it 19 for herb and 20 for dab so youngsters can have 4 coming-of-age ages. Whatever arbitrary age you want (or don't want)! No subsidies or any of that mess. Just some good ol' free market commerce. #420inthe425 #Shmokedogg

  • Actually weed effects people differently it has actually be know to give people minor heart attacks if the have some gene or something

  • ways weed can kill you
    1. getting crushed by weed
    2. a killer named weed murders you
    3. choking on weed
    4. or you slip on a bag of weed and snap your neck

  • i think in euro it would be 35k

  • you can get anywhere between half oz to over a pound off a plant. 1000 plants is hard to tell because i dont know the yield on themXD