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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 40)


From the overall legal cannabis market earnings, to weed feminine products.. It’s another quite interesting news week for episode 40! 😛

Legal Cannabis Earnings – (

Hawaii Cannabis laws – (

“Foria” cannabis feminine products – (

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  • The weedtube comment section is the only comment section that isnt cancer because all the weed kills cancer?

  • dhd

    literally (in according to the defnition) this guy has the biggest mouth ever.

  • 3:04… There are like 4 states holds five fingers up

  • I'm so happy Josh has over 200,000 subscribers! GOOD JOB, MAN!

  • "edibles could get eaten by kids" yeah, but ive never accidentaly eaten a pot brownie (key word accidentally;) ) but when i was a kid i accidentaly drank vodka thinking it was water, not to mention that a kid wont be ill from eating a edible, but i could have literally died from alchohal poisoning if i chugged a good ammount before realising it wasnt water. SO WTF LAWMAKERS??

  • why is customgrow not posting

  • 3:19 did something weird with his hand and almost burned himself.?

  • He sounds like playclashofclans

  • Rip beard trimmed

  • what is that string thingy you use?

  • Lmfao! Never rambling you're fine Josh!

  • I got platinum kush from cali and triple oG kush

  • smoking a fat blunt along haha

  • Does anyone know the news on Justin Trudeau legalizing in Canada?

  • in case you didn't know josh, facebook owns instagram

  • Anyone else notice or appreciate how Josh takes the time to edit out all the coughing? I don't mind coughing lol. You're smoking. I just notice the simple, cool, and awesome things quality you tubers do to make their videos the best they can lol.

  • Been a while since I watched your vids. Smoke on, buddy! [8]

  • like is your underage

  • just subed and I think ur awsome and a positive person which makes me smile