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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 35)


We got a bunch of US stories this week for the wake and bake! 😛
From stoned driving tests, to pittsburgh decriminalizing small amounts of weed.. Also, WHY DO SUPER HIGH PEOPLE KEEP CALLING THE COPS ON THEMSELVES?!? This has become an almost weekly occurrence! xD

Pittsburgh decriminalizes small amounts of cannabis – (

WA teenager suspended for smelling like weed – (

Stoned driving tests – (

VA man calls cops on himself – (


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  • 8:05 i think he had a roll tucked on his ear so he could use both his hands, i do it often haha

  • These Weedtubes are awesome :D

  • He Josh, I know you were talking about smoking and driving. I also know that Washington has like a DUI type law for people in the state where they can have their blood drawn for suspicion of smoking weed and driving and if you have more that 5mg/ml or something you can be charged with a felony and jailed. is that law being looked at/changed in Washington any time soon? The setpoint of active THC in blood is also very low. In light of that new study, is there any push to eradicate that law? In the other 4 states that have legalized, there are no laws against smoking and driving.

  • Growing so fast, cheers from Uruguay!

  • 'how do you get weed on your ear?', that bud is loud

  • josh! big fann by the way! you should talk about how north dakota got a medical marijuana petition approved!!! weed in north dakotaaa sooon maybee if we get enough signitures then needs to be voted for in the next ballot!!

  • How come he doesn't hold it in his lungs until it evaporates?

  • where do you get that thing for you lighter???

  • Aye you need to do the Idaho story of the woman who tried to smoke a jay in front of our capital building

  • I've never had the privilege of smoking any specific [or decent] strain. Screw Indiana!

  • maybe someone changed the number of his friend to 911 in his contact list

  • lmao that dude was going ham

  • Don't say cheers. You got that from customgrow420

  • MANY MANY THANKS!! I ALWAYS say alcohol vs cannabis is like comparing apples & oranges! Two completely separate substances!

  • That guy was going ham!!! Made my morning josh

  • Can you use a pre paid card on dankstop?

  • Hello from the UK. I have been listening to your videos all day, getting me through work. you rock :)

  • What is that thing your lighter is in? It's holding wick, but it's WAY better than the one I have.

  • wasup . Josh I was just wondering if u could try moon rocks on ur next wake and bake were watching I all the way in htown to keep it up ??

  • Hey I have a good question, Where is Customgrow420? I heard he died but I cant find anything on it on google all I can find is just posts from 2014.