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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 34)


From pigeons that are attracted to weed, to a man who called the cops on himself, because he thought the cops were onto him…

Cops not wanting to be drug tested – (

Stoner Sloth – (

Florida man calling cops on himself – (

Pigeons are dicks – (


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  • in response to the English story, cannabis in the UK is only available from illegal sources, as such, it's value is about twice that of the u.s.a .Generally the price is g£10 a gram, £120 for a half oz and anywhere from £220 to £280 for an oz. At current exchange rates, this equates to $14 per gram, $171 for a half, and $315 to $400 for an oz. Having never grown weed I cannot accurately estimate yields, but let's assume that $70k is £49k, divided by 14 plants is $5000 or £3500 a plant, making the yield of each plant 16oz for their math to be right. Police reports in England regularly over estimate the value of all drugs to add shock value to stories, so don't be surprised of the figures are a bit amazeballs

  • U went hard in this respect keep it up

  • Your shirt ?

  • bubba kush is not that tasty to me

  • I've never seen josh legitimately mad at something. I can tell you his words become so much more powerful with anger and passion in his voice.

  • jajajajajajajajajajajjaja

  • omg there is 420 comments, I'm 421 :D

  • Stoner sloth was so damn funny. But yeah I have never been so high that I can't function normally.

  • straincentral….. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  • Stoner sloth is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen. I can't wait for Australia to become educated, it's almost shameful to live here.

  • what is the song you always play at 12:32

  • What is your Mass Roots

  • Love the weedtube wake and bake!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tennessee checking in lol

  • Lmao stoner sloth I watched it like 2 times high asf like stfu with all that non sense

  • Preach ??

  • I like when Josh gets passionate man. He's usually a really happy guy. That sloth commercial is hilarious though. I'd be just as loud about it if not more. Great video man!

  • Love the shirt for the first story ?

  • Yeah their is a drug called acid I'm 80% sure that's what it was

  • You ever think about being a voice for the marijuana movement? As in go to the state meetings etc and voice your say. In my opinion you have a great way with words and are very intelligent and accurate with your knowledge. Just saying. Keep up the vids, love them man!