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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 30)


So this weeks episode, i’m talking about the victory for a young medical cannabis patient in New Jersey, Giving you a Chuck Rosenberg, and talking about a couple marijuana busts.

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  • i just can't respect the political opinion if someone so unfair as to consider marijuana to be as bad as any drug based off of their own stigmas.

  • fucking love watching these while smoking. makes me feel like were seshing together and your so educational

  • think the word fud up got cut -ha!

  • chris christie is trying to use that girl for good pr dont pretend he had a moment of positivity and clarity. He tried to capitalize on the incident and humanize himself in the eyes of pro pot people and potentially making him a pro pot republican candidate in the future. hes just trying to secure his chances in a running.

  • I actually meet this girl in person at a pro-marihuana rally in Trenton NJ it took the governor 100 plus days to finally do anything it was literally sitting on that fat fucks desk if you would have only met the girl you would instantly know she needed it so badly it's sad honestly but ending on a good note we all toked up right outside with no trouble at all I'm talking pounds on pounds smell it the next 20 blocks down type ah dank ??✌️

  • dudes name would be josh ahahah

  • There was actually a family whose house was raided because they were seen shopping in a hydroponics store, the police found nothing but tomatoes growing in the basement.

  • best youtube channel for me !

  • The Oklahoma story is heartbreaking, I hope for the little girl's sake that the state officials don't put him in jail. There are already too many children without their folks.

  • i'm cambridgeshire wtf only started watching you the other day :)

  • Shits pretty bad in the UK man luckily my dads from Tacoma so soon (when we move) I can leave this hate filled country to a state that is more fitting of my nature, Also keep up the good work man I love your mind set on things :)

  • I,wish you could talk to the Kansas government. then maybe we could get legalization pushed here, but sadly Kansas will be one of the last States to legalize that is if they ever would consider it. ?

  • Sup Josh!! I'm glad ur spreading knowledge to patients and stoners…keep it lit..

    Peace n Puff.

  • Hey josh, luv your weed tube wake and bake vids keep them coming. I live int the UK and for your next wake and bake here is a story that I have been fallowing and even signe the E- petition for the my government to debate about legalising cannabis in the UK check out the link. PEACE✌️

  • its really good to see someone that has a community of people who are fully for something that is completely 100% fine and dandy and they all support it and for you to be able to spread the word about cannabis and help the fight to let every one enjoy it without going to jail or losing a father and ruining there child hood because of a harmless plant . I don't have the best father or mother and no one should be taking away out of there lives for a plant . <3 cheers from Louisiana

  • Bruh looks like a young Santa clause without the fat love the vids tho dude keep it up

  • 3.05 what's that song, it's insanely chill!

  • Dude, good W&B!! Love the vibe and the news. Please look at what AUS is doing Med-Marijuana wise and do a segment on that :)

  • Game: take a hit everytime he says "realistically"

  • We want to see itsy bitsy baby Jolie olie head