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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 3)


This is a series where once a week I put a video out early for all of Weedtube to wake and bake along too! 🙂 Hoping everyone can get nice and toasty along with me!

Everyone make sure to be nice to those around you today! Having a positive attitude only makes life easier! Cheers~


  • cheers from Colorado

  • ???? smoking with you every morning bro

  • Cheers from Oregon!

  • Yo josh, i love your videos and the postive vibes and energy you provide us dude thanks 

  • Cheers man! I as well stumble over my words alot.. lmao, my brothers and i all have a  stuttering/nervousness problem. And again, cannabis plays a great role with it. Haven't quite figured out if sativas or indicas help my stuttering more, certain strains definitely have though. Dude you are killin it on your channel!! Blowin up fast!! I didn't hear about that dispensary incident, that's crazy!! Cheers bro, videos flow sooo smooth

  • nice man

  • ??

  • NY is so close to medicinal, They need to just give me a license so i can blast for all these fuckboys out here!!! Another great video man, stumbling words is a common thing for us stoners lol

  • I really enjoy your vids man, keep doing what you're doing!

  • congrats on all the subs so far man. your videos are dope. cheers man

  • to bad to hear about some one getting killed but they should not rob a place like that . robbing is bad mmmk, but robbing a place like that is just sad man

  • Surprised the nail stayed hot enough for 4 BHOmb ?and a dab in a row‼️?? cheers bro❕