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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 28)


Awesome farmer costume aside, today we’re going to be talking about cannabis in politics, as well as the DEA raid on 30,000 hemp plants! Hope you all enjoy!!!

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  • his glasses are going to fall off!

  • So in Uruguay I can get around 10g for £10, while I pay £10 a gram, here I come Uruguay!

  • dude just got some headband last night lol

  • Gary Johnson. not only agreeing with legal cannabis, but he wants to go back to a free country. no more wars, open free trade, just giving back your freedoms. Libertarians. 3rd party, but the more attention Libertarians get and are elected, the more freedoms we'll enjoy.

  • bro, you look Amish. that outfit.


  • He looks Jewish :D

  • whats with that red light?

  • are you left-handed josh?

  • Up like Donald trump 

  • What grinder is that??

  • I have to spend $20 for a gram in illinois. what the actual fuck.

  • really i have been watchin tons of your vids and never once thought you were amish

  • the word you're looking for is politricks . great video man

  • I wish i lived in a legal state.

  • Politics is always important, else yo dont know wheter you live there where you live.
    Someone get that?? :D

  • Cheers from Gotham city ? blue cheese

  • Holy shit I'm on the Empire State Building right now

  • comment if you think donald trump is awful.