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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 27)


Huge congrats to Canada for a huge step towards cannabis legalization by electing Justin Trudeau! I also talk about why it’s not smart to try and sell drugs on Facebook & how a British teen learned this lesson the hard way!!

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  • Are you canadian?

  • I met Justin in Winnipeg. He was a nice guy and was pretty cool. He is also hellishly good looking

  • josh it is supposed to happen this year and it will most likely because he has a Majority government so he has no opposition pretty much

  • did yall hear him fart

  • I'm learning alot watching this entire Wake n Bake series lol, awesome!

  • Your facts about Canada and the 10 year thing is way off

  • Trudeau! WOOT WOOT!!!

  • Hey Josh, great videos! I'm a Canadian and I've been paying attention to what's going on in the legalization front of cannabis. Legalization will eventually come to Canada but it will take some time to do so, it won't be in effect until I would say at least around the end of next year. Justin Trudeau is kinds putting it in the middle of his list of things to fix that Stephen Harper fucked up; what's going on with the refugee crisis, new election laws, environmental change, ect ect. The big issue that he will have is to sit down with the Premiers (similar to your state governor) in all provinces and territories to figure out what the basic law on a federal level should be and what the provinces and territories will agree with. For example, in Vancouver, British Columbia, you can go to any Dispensary that is privately owned, like a mom and pop shop to get your weed, as long as you have a medical marijuana license. But in Ontario it's a completely different story. The Province wants you to go to a State regulated store which is the same place where you can buy alcohol and liqour, and the only place where you can really buy and hard liqour or anything like that, except for beers. So pretty much the Premier of Ontario wants a monopoly on all control substance so that the majority of the money will go towards the government rather than the economy and small businesses, which would be a huge letdown because there is such a big untapped market for that, you would know better then what I would because you're from a State that's legal . So Justin Trudeau will legalize it, but it will take some time to hammer out the details. Sorry for the long post.

  • Hey Josh, what's your favorite Strain?

  • you're so educated it makes me super happy to have been supporting this channel for so long keep doing everyone proud brother

  • great video buddy

  • Canada has the 4 year term but you can serve more than 2 terms unlike the president

  • its illegal for me but i got a double honeycomb

  • I dont think the only thing they should he looking fore in a prime minister is the legalization of pot i think that you should of specified more of what he is also trying to make a change in

  • lmao you cant say a sentence without using your hands

  • Okay:
    click his wake and bake playlist,
    start at the first video, and wait till he gets to "what is up everyone my name would be-"
    then click the next video
    repeat this all the way from old Josh to new Josh- such a weird trip through time 😀
    StrainCentral <3

  • ive always wanted to live in canada…. go hockey!… and beer…

  • Man, the music in these videos is great. Can anyone enlighten me about it?

  • Hooray for Canada, haha. I'm from Ontario so pretty stoked on that. They actually legalized the use of non-herb based products for medical use also.
    As far as that one pipe though I feel it looks more like plankton than anything else. Not the guy from spongebob but real plankton, haha.

  • Im thinking that the percent of cannabis smokers are a lot higher than 10% and at least 50% or more Americans don't even know about or do the surveys or polls of anything in this country.