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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 26)


Today we have a pretty crazy comparison between the “dangers of marijuana” vs the real true dangers of synthetic cannabis. It’s quite an interesting news week!

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  • This is one of my favorite videos from you!!! I had to delve into some of your "older" stuff and check it out. I really liked the motivational "speech" at the end, cause I'm moving to Arizona from Oregon here in the coming weeks and it's been heavy on my mind leaving what I have left of a life back here and starting completely new down there. I'm horribly scared, but I know it's what I need to do to grow up more and move on with my life. Thank you for your kind words, man. I needed to hear them at this exact point. Cheers to you, Josh!

  • lmao she pooped on the floor!

  • love the message he sends out. we need more ppl like him open to the world

  • dope shirt!

  • Kaia Kush!

  • Kaia Kush! Yes man! Incredible strain.

  • Kaia Kush! Yes man! Incredible strain.

  • I use to smoke aloot of spice after being arrested for weed, it was just for the cause that it didnt show on tests.. I was making my own spice to, i have atleast smoked over KGs of that shit! Probably for 5 years atleast i was smoking it, building up my tolerence. In these 5 years i had one single "freakout", but still.. Never ever smoke that shit! Free the weed.

    (dont mind my spelling)

  • Um actually dude a runners high is a endo opioid high. So its actually kind of like morphine or heroin, not really weed

  • anyone know when north Carolina is gonna grow some balls and legalize weed

  • Josh! If you ever come through Spokane, I'd love to be your weed shop tour guide. Keep up on the great videos brother!

  • You're being all inspirational and I WANT to go do something productive, but I have 3 new Ps4 games, 2 puppies, some dank, and it's cold af outside. xD

  • she probably had that bath salts. fake meth.

  • that revenue, though. the State will make more money than taxes first promised to them from you "exercising" (pun intended) your rights. bull shit huh?

  • yeah man the cops out here in ohio can be pretty chill sometimes.

  • why not just be like "if it's lit in the car".

  • best videos on youtube

  • Get out there and vote tomorrow Ohioans no on two yes on three

  • Did you do a review on that bubbler?

  • my mom was a spice head and almost died thanks to pot she living and very well