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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 25)


From ridiculous Stephen Harper quotes, to Oregon recreational cannabis stores, we have all kinds of stories to cover!! 😛

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  • Absolutely roasting Stephen Harper. Brilliant. 110% accurate as well, peace!

  • As a cannabis and cigarette user, I never understood why people light joints and blunts by holding the flame against the end of them. When lighting a cigarette I tend to hold it in my mouth and inhale as I put the flame against it. I also light joints and blunts the same way. Any particular reason cannabis users tend to light joints or blunts in the other manner?

  • goodbye Harper HELLO Trudeau!!!!!

  • hey Josh I live in Canada so thanks for telling off our idiotic ex prime minister

  • mad respect great job

  • lol trust me everone knew stephen harper was an retard thats why he isint our primeister anymore

  • Are you in Colorado?

  • My bowl broke and i sucked 0.2 g of Moonstone into my bongwater… R.I.P.

  • luckily Canada has a new prime minister who is a liberal! :)

  • Love these wake and bakes man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you swallow a massive nug and or edible you could possibly choke on it. i have already thrown my weed and food away to prevent such disaster #StephenHarper #ReeferMadness

  • You can't by weed in Albany Oregon

  • 9 people arent waking and baking.

  • I love colorado so much

  • im Albanian:)

  • Smokin on some Girl scout cookies in PA cheers from the East coast.

  • ???? Preach, Sir!
    If only authority figures in every state/ Country would realize…

  • If anything thinks cannabis is bad at anyway. Go die in hell literally

  • Cigarettes killed my grandmother weed is harmless

  • catchphrase is a lil tacky imo