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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 24)


From cannabis possession for minors becoming a FELONY in Washington state, to all the states that have initiatives on the ballot in 2016, it’s quite an interesting week for weed news!!


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  • oh shit!! there's a house over my head!!!! crap! that shit's going to hurt lol

  • 4 things


  • Comin' from Massachusetts bro! From what I've heard the ability to vote on recreational marijuana use will be on ballets very soon!!!!

  • Life goal Of mine, Hit a spoon pipe like you.. !

  • I live in Utah, am I fucked?

  • michigan is pushing to put recreational use on next year's ballot.

  • Florida WILL get Medical… 2016!

  • While I agree with you that Cannabis itself is not detrimental in any way, the habits and abuse of its user may be VERY detrimental. But again, the general public needs to be aware that Cannabis is very individualistic, & it's all in one's personality.

  • Ohio is going for recreational. YES FOR ISSUE 3

  • Ohio is voting for recreational.

  • I live in Colorado and I've seen the dispo/gas station there called Native Roots its pretty cool

  • don't for get Wyoming

  • I love that sabertooth piece.

  • I've been digging these fruity pineapple sativas lately. I've been smoking this pineapple dream for I think a month now, which in stoner time is actually a year.

  • Thanks for that positive ending, uplifted my night a bit

  • Ohio is putting recreational on the ballot for 2015!
    Yes on 3, No on 2!!!

  • how many shirts fo you have? lol btw, what is the string thing you light it with? chears from spain

  • all these old white people and their legislatures make me sick. how about you spend 1/50 of the money and teach kids why drugs are bad.

  • we need a lot more people with your attitude bro. i watch your videos and they keep me in an upbeat mood. cheers to you!

  • does anyone know why customgrow420 hasnt made a video in a week