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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 23)


From a UFC fighter that was banned for using cannabis, to Jeb Bush during the GOP debate, we have all kinds of stuff to talk about in this episode!!! 😛


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  • your camera must smell so dank

  • COMING UP ON 2016 whoop whoop!!!!Ready to toke up on new years and get medicated!!! Shout out from Tennessee man keep doing you and spreading good vibes!!!

  • Hey man I've been going through your videos today, you are so positive and it makes my day to watch your videos. Cheers!

  • I'm slumped

  • probably the best shirt iv ever seen

  • Talk about Ohio legalization!

  • I live in Canada and our weed laws are bullshit

  • where did you get that shirt

  • fuck health canada man, cannabis doesnt hurt anyone!!

  • you should organize a world wide smoke sesh… who wouldn't wanna see Washington

  • yea i live in Vancouver :'( its realy sad

  • should had a cuban link chain for the cuban sesh XD good vid Josh

  • end on a high note… you end every video high xD

  • +StrainCentral let the political debate begin haha but I am Bernie all the way

  • Just watched all of the wake and bakes, you seen the weight you have lost since episode one dude! and they say herb makes you lazy.

  • Hi Josh awesome videos by the way. with all of the great information you give us I was wondering if you had herd this story before.I know it is an old story but I thought you may be interested in it (Richard Kirk has changed his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity to killing his wife after he ate marijuana sweets) Now I'm pretty sure I have watched every one of your videos. (the only wake and bake videos I ever watch by the way) and if I'm not mistaken I don't think you ever mentioned this story before but I could be wrong. So I thought it would make a great wake and bake video. Just a suggestion so you can use it or lose it. Thanks for all the great content. …late…

  • If you are Canadian -vote -Mulcair  open dispensaries !

  • Josh, you already know this but…You are AWESOME man.
    Wish I was able to catch your stream more but work…you know that life.

  • Love Rand Paul's stance on legalization

  • Love the wake an bakes! Cheers Josh!!!