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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 22)


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It’s a pretty short one today, but we’ve got several different stories to talk about in this episode! From dumb DEA sayings, to police trying to raid an organic vegetable farm!!

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DEA Chief being Ignorant – []

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College Students Smoke Cannabis More Than Cigarettes – []

Organic Farm Raided by Police – []


  • I'm so glad I stumbled across this channel. Definitely one of my top favorite channels now.
    Cheers Dude!

  • Need to update your weedtube Wake and Bake playlist, Josh!

  • You got a new fan bro! Enjoyed smoking with you and hearing your views on the ignorant people that still put this miracle plant down. Definitely gonna marathon today haha

  • Josh what is going on no way can break lol?✌?️✌?

  • Josh do a blunt video bro! Q&A would be good :)

  • What is up Josh. I recently discovered your channel and subbed. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your content and you'll be seeing me in your comment sections in the future :-D

  • why do they go through all this work when the answers right infront of them. like just smoke weed it's not bad why make fake thc when you can just smoke the real stuff and be safe

  • I'm always lazy even when I'm not high lol

  • Caribcreed shirt dope af

  • I can tell today is gonna be a good day! Thanks man

  • Dude, there is big cannabis news going on around the world. Please include some of them sometimes 😉 Thanks man, love you're vids.

  • In Austin, Texas they found 8'653 marijuana plants and recently found 5000. Both in around a 3 week period. The USA knows they cant control it.

  • I had a chill moment watching this video.
    Thanks Josh! <3
    Much love to you <3

  • I have constant stomach cramps and always just an upset in general but when I smoke weed my stomach pains go away and I feel fine ant ideas why? thanks

  • Cheers. smokin on some Rasberry Kush

  • If you take fish oil pills everyday it lowers your tolerance

  • zh2

    Doesn't get whiter than this

  • M C

    Great video Josh keep it up i see your sub rate is going up hopefully soon you will surpass 50K!! Good luck and keep doin what your doin cheers

  • Hell yeah I got myself a sticker
    The total came to 4.20, rad