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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 21)


We’ve got all kinds of interesting cannabis news in today’s Weedtube Wake & Bake! From Weed wedding receptions, to video game drug testing, we’ve got all kinds of things to cover!!

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Jeff Mizanskey – []

Oregon Cannabis Smell Story – []

ESL Bans Cannabis – []

Oregon Weed Wedding – []


  • Awe I love the blush and lipstick! How cute

  • I love playing ps4 stoned it helps me not get as stressed and I've gotten some of my best games stoned lol, very accurate about what I'm at my house doing ?cheers!

  • If u think about it that guy jeff a quater of his life was ruined bc of weed ??

  • I live in Norway and my friend got beaten down by the police because he got caught with 20 grams of weed

  • "Dabber Down" Nearly dropped my phone from laughing ?

  • i think canabis sativa could actually be enhancing on the game playing. surfers and jiujitsu fighters have long been using it:)

  • canabis helps with asma

  • Haha my wedding WILL have a budtender!

  • the domino theory part of history and it's coming back for cannabis!

  • mouth swab tests can only yield accurate tests up to about 48 hours-max

  • whats the lighter case called?
    cheers josh!

  • The instant i clicked the video, I liked it for the shirt.

  • love the channel josh. :D. cheers from New Mexico

  • love the channel josh. :D. cheers from New Mexico

  • love the channel josh. :D. cheers from New Mexico

  • I love your optimism!

  • "commuted" is the word you couldn't think of. Cool channel, subbed.

  • Weed is a huge advantage in sports because you can eat more so athletes that need to put on weight have can do so very easily. Think about it in terms of athletes being in the gym not necessarily on the field. Love the vids josh keep it up

  • This guys re-uploading your videos


  • i'm alive… i just woke up with a migrane attack and feel real shitty.. guess it's time to hit it