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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 20)


It’s a bit of a slow week in weed news, but I decided to talk about adolescent cannabis use in Colorado, the Santa Ana cops follow-up, and the smell of cannabis making a tennis player dizzy!

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  • Is it bad that cannabis is one of my biggest focus's currently with being sent back n forth between hospitals an having continuous seizure probs an stomach probs from the amount of anti convulsants im being forced too take?

  • I smoked for the first time 5 months after my 16th birthday. I'm glad I started a little later so I could truly learn and understand what I was doing. Now being 18 and with my med card I totally back you up with kids not making weed their number one while still only 13-16. Let your self be a young free spirt. You'll enjoy weed more as an adult. Stay Stoney my friends ✌?️

  • When you're holding your hand up to block the wind while sparking a jay but you remember you're in a room..

  • How much of that orange citrus spray did you use for it to work?

  • "Novak Sohardtosay" I was so medicated i thought that was the guys name at first lol! Cheers Josh

  • hey Josh I'm a 16 year old but yeah I smoke occasionally, however it's not something I go out of my way to spend my own money on. I believe that marijuana is a fantastic drug, but with moderate use. anyways I really enjoy your videos and your becoming a part of my YouTube inspiration. thanks man!

  • Could you or have you talked about Minnesota's medical cannabis and whether it will get better?

  • Just rolled a joint now it's time to light up awesome videos brah

  • I'm 17 smoke all day everyday .think its really stupid you say I shouldn't smoke everyday .. I'm a stoner and would love to be somewhere in the cannabis world gotta be a smoker!

  • If Novak had said the smell was distracting, I could maybe understand. But to get "dizzy" from a smell, in an outdoor court, with thousands of people in it? Come on… dude just sounds like a bitch then.

  • That green ribbon looked super flame!!

  • Novak Joh-ka-vich is how you pronounce it 🙂 keep the vids going man they're very interesting!

  • I'm 17, so still a teenager. What you were saying about not making weed a main priority at my age got my thinking about how much I smoke. I tend to smoke every second day, so one day smoking and one day not. Money isn't the problem because I usually smoke with my friends so here in the UK it only turns out to be about £5. But anyway, what you were saying about priorities really makes sense, so I think I'm going to cut down a little.
    I'm a new subscriber, found you through CustomGrowth420, I'm binge watching all your videos and they're great!

  • I think it's time to purchase a rig well over 200 lol cheers

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions)  ahahah i live about 1 hour and a half away from montreal :), oh and here in quebec weed isnt legal if u want edibles u make em ur self so if i was at that tennis match it would be a 1 hitter outta my pipe too lol :P

  • I love to smoke with you during these always makes my day. Usually i agree with your opinions on these weed topics but for the Novak one I'm going to be playing the devils advocate. As an athlete(baseball) and with a family deeply rooted in tennis I can tell you that marijuana is actually a very distracting smell when trying to play. If I was pitching in a game and smelt it I might even stop for a sec to let it go away before starting again to get my concentration back. Playing a sport takes everything you have, all of your concentration especially at a professional level like that. Sorry for this little tangent love your videos keep up the good work man

  • You should do a adolescent smoking vid. And go More in depth

  • hi I think you're so fucking cute

  • Lmao "Really Novac? Come on" XD

  • Thank you for talking about adolescent use of marijuana, I can say from personal experience that I put myself back a ton! by making marijuana my priority in life at the age 14, I would do anything i could to get marijuana from skipping school to being a straight thief. I'm 18 now and Kids, Teens (i'm still a teen lol) please if your going to smoke or use marijuana just try your best to remember how important school and socializing is, Weed will always be there, But wasted time wont. I dropped out and lost a huge amount of friends thanks to my own weakness to marijuana, Now that time has passed I'm much more comfortable in my 18 year old self and can solidly say I smoke responsibly and its not my priority in life 🙂 I don't know if this means anything to anyone but I had to let someone read my story of marijuana use, Don't blame the plant!