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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 2)


This is a series where once a week I put a video out early for all of Weedtube to wake and bake along too! ­čÖé Hoping everyone can get nice and toasty along with me! Also make sure to try and be positive today! Positive attitudes only make for better consequences! Cheers~


  • This series is great´╗┐

  • He said, "Dabber down" lmao´╗┐

  • Hey josh I am one of your newer viewers and in your opinion with stoner box is better´╗┐

  • dab on em!!!´╗┐

  • if you fill your prescription and it's $65 if you have insurance do you just have to pay the copay or is insurance accepted at all?´╗┐

  • if it legalizes here it'll be
    $19.99 for 1 gram
    $249.99 for half
    $499.99 for an ounce
    man that's insane xD´╗┐

  • bro this music was a amazing with this vid it put me In a trance at one part´╗┐

  • 3:02 This one right here's got a big time attitude! lol!´╗┐

  • lmfao "if you want a fuckin clean rig, you can come clean it because its early┬áas shit┬áin the morning"´╗┐

  • Sick bro I really enjoy your videos you're awesome keep going man !´╗┐

  • Dayym I pay 60$ an 8th and 25 half a gram of wax ´╗┐

  • You're from Washington too? High five broo┬á´╗┐

  • Yup yup´╗┐

  • Tried any platinum og?!´╗┐

  • Hey man came to your channel from original glass and I'm glad I did. Great channel and check me out!´╗┐

  • My man keep the vids coming!´╗┐

  • good stuff josh´╗┐

  • I dig the beat man! And the flow of the video. Cheers bro´╗┐