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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 19)


Got all kinds of interesting stories to cover this episode!! From Shakespeare possibly smoking weed, to drugs being smuggled into prison using drones! It’s quite an interesting Wake & Bake! 😛

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Shakespeare & Cannabis -[]

John Mizanskey – []

Santa Ana Cops – []

Drug Drone – []


  • Love the vids! Watching and smoking along on some Blue Dream and some Grape Soda Kush :)

  • pineapple express 575 ??????

  • We have some dirty pigs in Santa ana! Meth is everywhere out here and they're worrying about the weed labs.. And on top of that, the city took over one million dollars from the labs.

  • From Canada! still waiting for recreational legalization!!

  • im in belgium smoking some lemon haze :p

  • smoking on g-13 from ohio. huge fan! cheers bro

  • Santa Ana police are fucking dicks.when I lived their ,they would pick your ass up and drop you off in a fucked up hood……STAY HIGH AND SAFE……

  • whats the song when he hit the vape?

  • I got some sour D and purple candy and platinum cookies

  • holy shit!!!!! my husband is in a wheelchair and this makes me so fucking made!! if cops are going to make fun of people for any reason is out of fucking control! FUCKING A IM PISSED AT THIS ONE!!!

  • Yeah a lot of famous creative minds have been linked to cannabis

  • cheers from italy :D

  • rn i got some green crack and pineapple trainwreck. comin from Massachusetts

  • From Wisconsin smoking some lemon kush!!!

  • check out Tommy Chong by Blue Scholars it'll tell you the story of the use of cannabis throughout the US

  • Cheese, UK

  • toking on "fruit spirit" grown by a friend of myn here in cheshire, uk. jelous of your access to top grade marijuana in the us, hopefully one day our governments will follow suit, keep up the good work, these videos are perfect to watch whilst enjoying herb

  • Cinex , USA

  • Smoking from the UK! I really wish our country would follow in your footsteps, got myself some sour diesel! always blaze up when watching your videos keep it up man!

  • Connecticut, smoking some "dead man"