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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 18)


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Talking about cannabis banking, Oregon’s recreational system, and Chris Chrsitie’s stance on cannabis. Not the most exciting week for news, but we have some interesting stoney rambles!! 😛

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  • Im watching this episode way later but I would have said that Oregon is ready for it. Literally Free-40 oz and there are people growing 30 + plants in their backyard all over town. This is Medford OR. at least

  • ya they messed up…
    I had a guy trick me into letting him use my card to grow..
    when i t came time for me to get what was owed to me he told me I was crazy.
    that none of the plants were in my name so he sold it to shops in Salem Oregon.
    when I called the cops they told me to blame it on the state for not separate medical & for as the Salem cops call it for fun..
    they said I would have to take this guy to court..
    well I have text messages from him & his bff begging for the card & wanting me to put his name down so he could check if I was telling the truth about the card.
    I found out he was growing 10 plants on grandma's land & just used me…
    so yes Oregon moved way to fast & now I'm on my 44 th surgery with having to pay $400 for my meds & I don't believe in pain meds….
    thank the gods for my daughter who is growing granddaddy & blue city for me & her husband that got sick in Iraq & herself….
    she lives in St Helens…
    sorry for so long…
    thank you Josh you always put a smile on my face & love all your unboxing…;-)
    oh & arrow head water is the best…;-)
    pufc puff smile…;-)

  • woah Shaggy Rogers!

  • hot damn, chris looked skinnier in a suit. this man is large xD

  • the Federal reserve is not tied to the Federal government. it is a private instruction made up of all the major banks (Bank of America, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Chase, the major players) that has the monopoly of printing and lending all US note. it is illegal under the Constitution. Congress "ratified" it Christmas 1913 with less than half of congressmen present and voted for it. the control the market and have been responsible for the market crash. the bailouts was the taxpayers allowing the Federal reserve to give their individual banks more money, they print. End the FED, go read Paul's book.

  • shout out to sparks! I know I'm late on this I'm catching up on this interesting segment. November 2016 is the vote for Nevada recreational cannabis, so vote with your brains!

  • EVERYONE does dare pretty sure unless they don't go to public schools

  • Thanks for the info on Carib creed!! Just ordered my first I Love Cali shirt! One thing tho, your discount code has been discontinued! Just an FYI! Keep toking and educating the masses!! 

  • Lmaooo that zoom in when you were talking about 
    christie had me rolling! :)

  • A dispensary finally opened up in Massachusetts, in Salem no less :)

  • Love these spreads the good news through the cannabis community!!!!!! Keep up your amazing channel!

  • I Wake and baked along haha

  • Lol!!!! Telling chris Christie to inforce his calorie intake priceless!!!?????another informative great wake and bake josh!???????????

  • Thanks for info you show that u care for ur viewers thats y i stay around ur vids are great thanks again cha cha cheers

  • support comment… what is the music in the backgrond, Josh?


  • Your ending where you said pretty much "keep your head and a smile" really helped me out man not really having the best of days right now I really appreciate it man. Keep spreading good vibes!

  • Haven't even watched this yet but i know it will be awesome you're killing it with these videos lately, great content cheers josh. smoking and vaping getting some cannabinoids deep in my lungs

  • I went to check out much those shirts cost on their site
    10-15 dollars a pop . I bought 4 . Thanks for showing me a company I can support

  • ahhha fuck brother, dont mean or wanna sound like a bitchy fan, but you should upload more! your my favorite weed tuber brother ^.^ would be hella dope to see more shit from this channel 🙂 if anything tho stay lifted brother appreciate the good vibes you put out ^_^

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