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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 17)


This weeks’s stories range from International weed news to a cannabis judging competition in the capitol of the United States!! 😛

Smoked on some @FireBros206 Lemon Alien Dawg & some Refine Seattle Ghost Train Haze!

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  • I play better atleast on league of legends when im high lol

  • Well done josh

  • And I do so good

  • Lmao the last story is dumb funny I play Xbox when I'm high as fuck lmao

  • i hate to advertise but itd be great to help a fellow weedtuber out! pls check my channel!

  • Weed is performance enhancing, I play CSGO and I am much more calm and focused when i play while high.

  • I love the weedtube wake and bakes you should do them more!!!

  • Isn't marijuana legal in Washington DC?

  • You need to hold your hits

  • Hey Josh I just gotta say that I would agree to the cannabis being a performance enhancing drug because when I play some games while i'm not high I suck but then I get high and I kick ass at them games but then again on games like GTA you gotta be somewhat focusedish but its still fun as hell in the end xD

  • do you say "whatsup everybody my name will be josh?"

  • When I play halo after a glob I'm in God mode. Its like my mind is thinking two steps ahead of everyone else. But when I smoke flower I play like shit. Feel to sluggish. Even with a sativa strain.

  • Cheers from Canada bro!

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) no PayPal on your stickers? The option is there but when I try it says not accepting PayPal?

  • Yay, fucking sick video mate!

  • Puglife sticker! Puglife from Sarina ontario and I'm from ontario haha!

  • You should do a story on the legalization process that is going on in Missouri it is a great research that I've been doing recently because it is my own home and I'm interested in hearing other peoples views on it.

  • Drug testing in eSports? Seriously? People are crazy.
    I did a battleground in World of Warcraft yesterday for the first time while I was high. (Platinum Girl Scout Cookies are tasty!) and I can't say I thought my ability was, in any way, enhanced. LOL!

  • Are you gay?

  • Good information and review!

    Check out my new crazy vid=)