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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 16)


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This week was quite a slow one for cannabis news, but I found a couple interesting stories!! Talking about a florida man who tried to pass his weed off as grass clippings & Colorado cannabis tax revenue!

Smoked on some Solstice Headband & Pre-98 Bubbba. Always love starting the day with a good Indica strain for pain relief!! 😛

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  • what about New Mexico?

  • I always put my hand up to when lightning up no matter what!!!! Hahahaha

  • Wait do u smoke?

  • thanks for these dude i'm from MI and i couldn't find a good source of info for cannabis. I am new to this and you give the best info so keep up the good work and i am hoping to hear from you that cannabis is legal hear in michigan

  • Im from florida

  • U should make a video of all ur pipes and everything u smoke out of. 

  • I fucking love this channel! Just got yourself a new subscriber man ???? keep up the good work and all potheads (if you can remember, lol) stay medicated ??

  • Can't wait for michigans 

  • I just got my stickers today, love them man they are seriously great quality and size stickers. A wonderful addition to my collection. That is some of the frostiest bud i have ever seen 

  • How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck, If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? Lol, Cheers Fam! #SCQnA

  • Where can i get a long match lighter at? 

  • This was the first time the intro was different! ?

  • Do you know any info on Pennsylvania? 

  • Man I thought you were going to burn yourself with that wick haha. Looking forward to the next live stream.

  • yo that livestream was cool yesterday but it did get a lil weird at time an my headphones were broken so i couldn't stay on but anyways it was dope

  • did u roll that blunt pure or with tabacco i live in the netherlands we have coffeeshops where we buy weed but we also roll with tabacco must be a dutch thing haha

  • Do a video on your opinions on local headshops vs online shops

  • Wow, I'm really glad that that guy was shut down on the reservation. Being Native American it always kinda made me mad when people go to the rez and exploit the area for maximum profits.

  • This series is too good man, thanks a lot for keeping up with it.