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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 15)


This weeks stories are quite exciting!! 😛 Talking about everything from “The Church of Cannabis” suing the state of Indiana for not letting them smoke weed, to a hemp based concrete like material that is much more renewable than most other resources since it’s grown from Hemp!! Hope you guys enjoy! 😛

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  • tree of life

  • hempcrete

  • I don't know where democrats came from, read democrats!

  • Hi Josh, the people that arranged for hemp to be illegal are still dragging their feet to protect their investments in lumber, pharmacy, and plastics derived from oil. Marijuana was just an excuse to get rid of hemp. These people know there's no major problem with marijuana, they want hemp illegal so their investments in oil, pharmacy, and lumber are in danger BECAUSE hemp is so superior. That democrats you mentioned has been in use since the way back in history. There is a woman in France who has a waiting list for hemp houses. that she builds. She came across the idea because it was a technique used in France in the past. there are old houses of democrats that are 300 years old and still are in use!

  • The best part about smoking when watching your videos is I only remember like half of it so I can always watch the video again and its almost like a new video.

  • Digging that jersey!


  • Milk and cookies 

  • Josh! I love your vids they are full of info and weed :). I would love to hear news about weed in the UK. Maybe next wake and bake episode ??? Stay high.

  • 1:56 about a week ago

  • Man! I am noticing now that you pointed it out you do wear ugly shirts! cough cough (Seahawks jersey)!!! Lol ??? just messing with ya 

  • Hey Josh, can regular citizens or even medical MJ patients grow hemp? I mean patients can grow regular mj cannabis, but can we grow hemp? I wouldn't mind growing some hemp to build a house someday :)

  • sry man i went to colorado they're closer. lol

  • People have used religion as a canabis per pose rastaoharians in Jamaica had a big law sew about it 

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) I dig the back ground jams !!! 

  • Wooooo! Shoutout to indy!! #legalizeourchurch!!

  • haha love that intro

  • Wake n baken from Vermont man, in some Sativa represent! Keep up the awesome work. Peace!

  • What's your gaming channel?

  • Hell yeah man! Born and raised in indy and we're damn proud of our church doing this! Bill Levin is a genius