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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 14)


From new cannabis research laws to Mexican cartel selling tomatoes, I have all kinds of stories to cover in this episode!! 😛

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Cannabis Research Laws Changing :

New Dispensaries Open :
Delaware – []

Mass – []

Oregon Recreational Weed Legal! :

Mexican Cartel Selling Tomatoes :


  • what's Josh good job on the show. cheers from the future

  • woot I'm from massachusetts hopefully i can get my medical marijuana.

  • bigup and respect! dayel stoner, i am, from the planet norcal.
    first time seeing the show. i like it bro! nice news! good ganja!
    keep it rolling!

  • In Russia weed is illegal. But cannabis seeds are 100% legal (so your parrot can eat them lol). Most people under 25 grow cannabis plants in their homes. That's kinda funny tho. I don't know if seeds are legal in the States

  • Yooo this was uploaded on my birthday! Too bad I just found out about you now.

  • whats that chill background music, love it

  • Do you think they will legalize medical Marijuana in Illinois anytime soon? Ive been wanting a dispensery 

  • Can't wait for the truth of canabis!
    Question: what is that poster to the right of u? I'm using my phone but dus it say flavor or science? Is that weed related?

  • we dern sure did see some content

  • Getting close to 20,000 subs! It's fun watching this channel grow. Great content…..keep up the good work!

  • Your honestly the best weed channel there is your entertaining and educational keep up the vids homie stay high! Cheers

  • GMO pesticide covered food..thats not fnnnn food bro..youre a joke.

  • The power of this country belongs to the individual states not the federal government..never forget that.

  • Can't believe you're almost to 20,000 subs! I've been a sub since a little over 500, awesome seeing you grow josh! I think you'll be alongside customgrow420 someday man! Also sickdab mat I saw that on your snapchat?
    Cheers bro~

  • 100% smoking cannabis is bad for you. Ingest or vaporize . Smoking anything is bad for you. Stay medicated , stay healthy. 

  • Dab it up 

  • Noooo bro.. They aren't accepting that it has uses, they have always known that. Nixon had the information. The only reason the research shit is a go now is because they see it coming and can't stop it so they wanna hop in and take control of the research and the industry for the money

  • Damn the 26th was quite the productive day here in 'Murica

  • I was dying and She saved My life.
    Brought Me peace in my time of strife.
    The healing smoke which is Her breath
    Brought Me back from the brink of death.
    She made my mind and body strong
    So I could join the world where I belong
    She is my salvation
    My teacher
    My need
    Her message of one love
    is my only creed.
    She is the light
    The love
    The way
    For all she has given
    I can never repay.
    My life for her.

  • there actaully is flying cars, look it up lol… i couldnt believe it either