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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 13)


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Today I have several cannabis news stories to ramble about, not all the most positive stories, but they no doubt need some recognition! I talk about a kansas woman facing 30 years in prison for managing her Chron’s disease with cannabis, adolescent cannabis use in states that have legalized recreational use, Canada’s new medical cannabis rules, and the man who almost got put in jail for getting his pet chameleon high.

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Canada’s New Medical Cannabis Regulations –

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  • damn impressive bong rip!

  • damn impressive bong rip!

  • Wile watching your video I got lost in your shirt. P.S. I'm vary, how you say it……High?????????

  • my mom has chrones and collidce and she takes about 9 fckin pills three times a day its literally made nothing but problems and for that i would never use narcotics or any kind of pill! Herbs and oils all day

  • aquitted means charged with but cleared in trial in front of a jury of his/her peers….
    this is a good thing usually

  • Dang josh! Your sub count shot up! Been here since 3k!

  • It's crazy that our government wants to parent our children. Brainwashing propaganda. I went to D.A.R.E camp as a kid and to be honest it kept my straight into my teens, Im 28 and started around 17. So I can't honesty say that Its a bad program for kids. the problem is the adults who were never exposed to cannabis and they themselves are brainwashed into believing what they're told, and must follow through with the success of the propaganda. "just say no" is cool when your 8 years old but when your facing a dilemma on what medicine is the best for you as an adult its ridiculously absurd that you would never hear the word cannabis, but instead valium Prozac aspirin Nyquil or vicodine. 

  • What condition do you have that you use cannabis for? 

  • Josh I need your help! My parents have an atmos Jr and I was wondering if I could use dab in it! So can you? I don't want to waste 50 on gram of dab and not have a good way to use it!

  • Josh great job on your videos as always! What kind of glass piece it that dab rig? I like the size of it. 


  • Josh! This happened in my home town in Garden City! The mother was sooooo upset :/ hope everything works out with her

  • I am definitely subscribing to this guy

  • $70 a gram for concentrates? Wow, sounds like it would be cheaper to either get it off of the streets or to make it yourself

  • I really enjoy how informed you are with your topics and how you don't just get on here and ramble your opinion without doing all the research and learning about it. Keep it up!

  • Cheers from Gotham city ? 3827

  • Hopefully all these stupid nonsense laws will all get ironed out soon!

  • And yet it's fine for a parent to drink every night… dumb!

  • Hey guys i am new to weed and loving it. However i live in the UK and its illegal and i don't see or hear of any news about steps being taken to legalize it 🙁 If anyone knows anything please tell me 🙂 Thanks.