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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 12)


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Today I decided to ramble about the wacky laws here in WA, Obama joking about weed, and an Oregon town that can fine you $500 for the smell of weed..


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  • the smell fine is for revenue for the government's bonuses and higher budgets. very wrong in a free country.

  • only Congress can change it. they have to start it, Obama signs off on it, and the Supreme Court makes it official within the court system. the three branches have to be in agreement.

  • Josh if you know people in England let me know please just got ripped off on Instagram I took the chance LOL LOL bit of a crazy one to ask you people in England all very very cliqueyyou have to live in the right part of LondonI am in south London peace Josh✌?️✌?

  • You always say my will be josh as if that's not your name already. Lol

  • Mmmm great episode. Good topics and great hits :-)

  • Cracked me up with the reaction to obama joking about weed. Hope you are healing up from your surgery cheers josh.

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions)  Josh you are the shit!! my homie, touching on all sorts of subjects that need to be touched on. you and citizen j have the cannabis news on lock. keep it up youre one of my favorite weedtubers! cheers and stay stoney! (p.s. I hope that predator pink was on point for ya)

  • Lol I love watching your videos dude! keep it up cheers ✌️ and one love. ??❤️

  • hope yoy are doing good after surgery bro know that im dabbin up for you

  • Hey StrainCentral

    I love the beats in the background 🙂
    From who do you have this ?

  • Hey bro you should make a how to playlist, that would be awesome! 

  • Hope you're doing well after surgery man! Love the videos, and its ashame that the gov't is trying to get rid of medical cannabis in Washington.. Smoking on some Platinum Cherry OG flower and rosin. Cheers brotha 

  • When are you going on twitch

  • Damn man! I hope you never stop doing these. You're giving me content almost all the time. I've never been so happy lol

  • Get well best wishes????

  • Sending good vibes, wish you a speedy recovery. Peace & cheers. Bernie Sanders 2016! :)

  • No matter what the law is I'll probably always get it on the street.

  • Dont give a fuck i never seen u use such words or curse in such way haha cheers 

  • Hope you're well after the surgery, Josh!
    It's nice to see you so riled up about how the feds have failed cannabis legalization…oh and the Obama face was lmao-worthy! Cheers brotha!

  • i see you are feeling better josh cheers too you