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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 11)


E-Nail – []

From an entire town in Indonesia that accidentally got high – to the DEA starting their own cannabis grow.. I got all kinds of stories to ramble about this morning!! 😛

Links to stories I talked about:

*Feds admit cannabis has healing properties* – []

*DEA Growing Cannabis* – []

*Indonesian Police get town high* – []

*Oregon Hash oil explosion* – []

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  • making my way through all your videos. thoroughly enjoyed this one.

  • Dick Pipe. ?

  • LMAO @ the eye drops and snacks joke hahaha

  • They did that in Florida one time. I don't remember what city exactly but my husband told me about it. They took all the seized weed and burned it and got everyone around there high lol

  • Caught up with your last three wake and bakes, smoking on an ounce of Shishkaberry with you, cheers brother!

  • you should totally look up the situation with DABS in NY….. its really rediculous….. The state is saying that dabs can make you halucinate u to 24 hours and that its SUPER dangerous…… and i think that is the most bullshit propaganda i have ever heard….. PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THESE FOOLS!!!!!

  • I've just recently moved to washington I need some good dispensaries around I'm in the Belfair area cannabis care foundation is good but low on extract 

  • I love everything that you say bro, I have the same thought about Cannabis being covered. I get a discount on my Medical Marijuana Card for having state covered health care because I don't have a large monthly income. They will cover the antidepressant that I just got off of which is $400 a month, but let me be on my own with Cannabis lol It is exciting to see where this cultural is going. Cheers from Oregon.

  • dope. got question, whats the main differences between rec. weed and medical out there since you have legal access to both? Like prices, quality, process of buying.

  • The dick pipe lmfao …late…

  • You totally set yourself up for the dick pipe joke. Lol
    & do you clean your pipes just for the vids or every day?

  • just moved to colorado man! AND I LOVE THAT WEED IS LEGAL HERE! but i wanna get a nice dab setup up. is an oil rig worth it to buy over just a regular bong with a glass piece that i can dab out of?

  • Why do say cannaboids its CANNABINOIDS

  • Do you think that cannabis will be legalize in oklahoma??

  • Definitely enjoyed the opinions on current events in the weed culture. Great episode? also checked out bubble mans video, I was just wondering about the endo system not that long ago because my parents are religious and still skeptical so I need good resources… Have a great day!

  • MKX In less then 6 hours add me josh

  • Also don't forget to do something special for 4/20

  • You should learn some smoke tricks and put them in the video. That would be the best thing evar. Happy Monday josh!

  • Killing it with the informational uploads!

  • Cannabinoids induce apoptosis or essentially "cell suicide" of malignant/foreign cells while leaving normal/healthy cells alone entirely. At least, that's what I've gathered in the past, but it's been a while since reading that information so part of it could be incorrect. Cannabinoids are also able to effectively cross the blood-brain barrier, which allows it to combat neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, Dementia, etc. This is also backed up by the patent that the Department of Health submitted on cannabinoids, but you're already well aware of that. Anyway, just figured I'd toss that information out there for you. It's based only off of my memory from a couple articles, so if I'm drastically mistaken in any aspect of the information, my sincerest apologies. Stay high, happy, & healthy everyone!