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WEEDTUBE WAKE & BAKE! – (Episode 1)


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Thought i’d put a video out early for all of Weedtube to wake and bake along too! 🙂 This is the first episode of a series i’m calling “Weedtube Wake & Bake”. Basically just going to be a weekly series i’ll be uploading for everyone to start their morning session with me! I take a couple bong rips and… probably too many dabs.. Hahaha


  • March 2016 watching episode 1

  • 70 subs back then…240,000 now!

  • You took fat rips back then yo. Yours lungs must be massive

  • Hahaha! Josh has been accidentally putting out the hemp-wick since day one. Love the videos man keep up the peace and love!

  • I'd go back to sleep after dat lol……yu be smoking to ass off!!!

  • The First WeedTube Wake N Bake, WOOOOOO

  • It seems that you are having an awesome time, man! I have a question. Can you tell the difference between what you felt back then and what you feel today after the same amount of dabs? Which one was better?
    Hope you can answer me… You are one of my main sources of weed education lol. Peace.

  • I've never seen these Older videos just these are great dude cheers!

  • Oh howb you have changed Josh loo

  • The evolution of your catch phrase!

  • Anyone can tell me what that beat is from (or what song samples it)? I'm almost positive I heard it in a J. cole song… Thanks!

  • strain central made me do it… lol

  • 3:55 "Um… There's no longer a dab on this dabber. So… I don't really know what the fuck happen to that?!"

  • your beard game has improved so much! you look so young here 😛 fave youtube personality by far

  • Omg lol love baby josh haha

  • That playlist is on point ??

  • ? love ur old videos first time I heard u cuss… U the best weed YouTuber and keep on making the world happy

  • started watching you last night, got here already :D

  • Whaaat? 70 subscribers?! Oh if only young josh new what was in store for him ?✊?? Cheers bro had to check out some throwbacks

  • Today was a good day