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I’m more than stoked to get to announce the project we’ve been working on!
#GreenHouseLV #OasisCannnabisLV #Leafly


  • Here’s a playlist for you… 420 LIT 🔥🔥🔥 by pierredirt21

  • Who here is just coming back to this video to comment why he deleted the video he deleted

  • My boy Josh finally making it big! Can't wait to see it man!!

  • anyone else see the half gram dab video?

  • I live in Alaska so I can sing the crab show song "🎶 its deadliest catch without the crabs , were almost outta gas SOMEONE CALL THE ARABS!"🎶

  • I live in Las Vegas Oasis is THE BEST dispensary in town. It's great! I love that they do medical patients still AND the amazing discounts they have for VIP Members.

  • hey man long time viewer love your videos even tho with the youtube changes its a little different finding your videos. I'm 19 and I have my med card in michigan and I'm moving to Seattle in a couple months for school. Is it difficult to get a med card over there and will having one from another state help me at all?

  • 420,000 Subscriber special?

  • Woohoo! Super excite-truck for this show! Good luck guys, we can't wait for teh partaey!

  • THAT DAB THO o.O <o/

  • Can you make a video on how to use my roaches

  • If this is the same route that crutch420 went, plase fuck no

  • it's been 3 months since the last strain mail… why!

  • Josh, could you make a video on stem tea? sort of like a tutorial like you've done in the past on how to make it? that would be a great video because I've been told by people to save stems and there are other videos on youtube but a strain central tutorial would be great! keep up the good work

  • Josh!!!! You going to Seattle hempfest my man!??? I'd love to meet and smoke with you! Let me know what days you will be there please!!!

  • I'm from cincinnati, rip harambe

  • No update on why there is no more content over the past few weeks?
    Am i the only one that is loosing his patience

  • So glad our new legal market will be getting some attention! Definitely go to The+Source while you're here.

  • So awesome and excited to watch this being from Vegas!

  • All I can think about it your beard