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WeedMapTV 420th Video Release! Thank you all for watching!!!! – News Jul 9, 2013‬

It’s taken awhile but the time has finally arrived. is proud to announce it’s 420th video upload!
WeedMaps creator, Tang was happy to stop by and celebrate this momentous occasion with Gil at the strain showcase table. They toasted with globs of Bhomb Extracts and sick Toro rigs.
It’s you viewers that have helped us get to this point so sit back and celebrate with us as Gil and Tang give you their perspective about where the weed scene has gone in the last few years and what to expect.
Thanks viewers. There is so much more to come!


  • no cunts I don't watch this to see you's, I watch it to see the buds

  • and u say fuck dabs cause u can't handle lena

  • no its fine being medical in cali doesn't need to legal

  • Fuck dabs

  • Hey man i really liked weed and wen someone just smokes some thing and talks about cool stuff 

  • tang reminds me of squints from the sandlot …..

  • Happy 420

  • Congrats   from Canabis Canada you guys Rock!

  • whats the song they play when they start smoking??

  • Just smoke weed

  • Muchlovefrom Massachusetts

  • notice how Tang went straight for the tangie

  • Big contest/Giveaway for the 710 show!

    …In my head movies

    Grats guys.. You bring some of the HIGHest quality Nugporn out there!

    Much love and respect from the South!

  • Tang reminds me of spider from NGT lol

  • Lmao @ the kid that thinks weed kills brain cells and that burning out is a legitimate theory

  • This guy has the best job ever!

  • 420 !!!!

  • He's in colorado, it's legal there. And actually it doesn't, it's less lethal than alcohol or cigarettes.

  • You realize weed kills your brain cells, right? Have you ever heard of 'burning out'? Oh yeah, of course you have. For your own sake, nobody do weed. Oh yeah, and it's illegal.

  • do a video that explain how create that cannabis oil !