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WeedMapsTV visits the Hemp Museum in Barcelona!

Follow Gil as he explores the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Barcelona, Spain.


  • I cant listen to her talk all day :)

  • that was a BEAUTIFUL vid,,,,

  • Cannabis could save the world but big business doesn't want that. However… they will lose in the end.


  • Would love to check that out someday.

  • Awesome vid guyes, nice job

  • Neid

  • Coolest museum I have ever visited! Did you use one of there balcony's to smoke?! They usually let you!

  • It's amazing how a French accent can make someone so attractive

  • French girl is giving me a 5th grade boner.

  • I knew Gill grew.

  • So badass that this museum exists. The knowledge in that museum is likely worth more in reality than the contents of any other museum or library. Except the Louvre of course. As long as man has cannabis, he has peace, and thats worth more than any number treasures or ancient documents.

  • That's excellent; one mild criticism… cannabis isn't homeopathy. It's real medicine, & the science exists to back that up. It's not New Age: it's the real deal. 

  • That was awesome gil!!!

  • kickass

  • Wm is making big moves 

  • I want to live inside the museum.

  • wonderful video, really enjoyed this. 

  • This place looks amazing, I would love to visit here one day, so beautiful 

  • I definitely have to take a trip there.

  • That accent is cute as fuck