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WeedmapsTV talks with Clark French – WeedmapsTV sits down with Clark French, MS patient and marijuana activist, to talk about the debilitating effects of his condition, how medical marijuana has helped and his personal quest for legalization and safe access.

Clark French

Phone: (202) 483-5500


NORML-UK : Working to reform cannabis laws


  • Go on Clark lad! ? 

  • Great story hope the best for him

  • Getting it done, Clark.  Happy dnf

  • Good video

  • Fuck yeah Clark

  • way to go Clark! you are superman im sure :D

  • +twentysided Is it required that all nerds play D&D and make stupid references about it?

  • some people just dont understand. this video is for the people that do.

  • Entrevista que realizó nuestro amigo Clark French para WeedMaps durante su estancia en Barcelona.

    Filmada en Sibaritas Club.

  • the 4 losers that clicked thumbs down on this vid need to wake up!! 

  • Uk needs to wake up

  • His tie choice… Lol

  • Weedmaps: i'm not sure if you've been keeping up with medical canabis regulations in some up and coming states (although I'm sure you have). This November the vote for medical cannabis to be legalized is going to be on the ballot in the state of florida. Should it pass I believe you guys would need a correspondent in this part of the country? I was also genuinely wondering how you may actually go about doing such. That is hiring someone to "map" for you. 

  • keep fighting guys

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  • Bring mmj to Texas now

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  • People in the UK are too indoctrinated by reefer madness propaganda, and our leaders profit greatly as they continue the war on drugs..