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WeedMaps Wednesday Living Extracts – Yoda OG – Chris from Living Extracts is back again and this time he brings Yoda OG from CCC in North Hollywood for a Weedmaps Wednesday sesh with Gil. Please give a thumbs up if you dig this upload and want to continue seeing Weedmaps Wednesday episodes and more original content from WeedmapsTV!


  • Best strain 

  • Luv the wed weeklys now. Gettin to see a dbl dab episode series is tight.

  • How do I work for you guys

  • Some flower reviews would be great…dabs..dabs…dabs…get over it alteady

  • Bro…u dont need to hold it in long, it just messes with your lungs.

  • Anyone have a Track ID used in the video? Thanks in advance.

  • I'm from Philly was just born in the wrong state.Been smoking weed for 20 years.I just love watching y'all ballin on the west coast.gil I want to do a review on weedmaps.iconic

  • I wasn't sure at first, but I enjoy seeing Chris on this episodes. Definitely look forward to seeing more.

  • U guys are wasting it. U are not holding your hits!   Why?

  • Looks sooo yummy, even thouh I've never had a chance to try that…yet.

  • I like this Livings Extract guy.

  • "mostly nug run" then "un-cured but not live"? LOL cmon this guys suppose to have 20+ years of experience you need to cure your buds before you run them into BHO.. your not doing FFWP runs so i have no idea what this guy is talking about

  • Pre loader looks wasteful… Looks tasty tho 

  • Dang man that's a nice nail have to get me one of these n nice video 

  • Looks good fellas!!!!

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