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Weedmaps Wednesday – Living Extracts Pearl OG – Gil sits down and has a quick sesh with Chris from Living Extracts and Alex from Guttermouth when they came by to visit. They decided to turn on the cameras and dab on set.


  • dude guttermouth was the sound of my youth. 98-02. EVERYONES AN ASSHOLEEEEEEEE

  • Lol he was so blown

  • These videos are so boring.


  • OMG, Its Spicoli from Fast Times @Ridgemont High!!

  • Sk8

    Way to make Aussies look like fuckin idiots

  • Sk8

    Do your fuckin shirt up hippy 

  • This has to be one of my most favorite episodes; I have no idea who guttermouth is but this guy has me interested. You guys should do more like this getting people their FIRST dabs. Happy smoking and enjoy the 4th.

  • How much does that dab rig machine cost jesus must be like 2 grand

  • Tried to watch the video guys…the aussie/punk dude is just too much noise. I wanna hear an educated opinion on Pearl OG…not a marble-mouthed, goofball.

  • Where can I get the nail with the cap?

  • Homie fucked up. Video?Bigups.

  • Love the aussies!!!!! Good people

  • Weed Maps should be more professional and less stoner aesthetic 

  • That guy is crazy high haha

  • Hit tha joint mate????

  • Go to 2:50 he turns his head funny af lol

  • Daaaaamn he was Faded Af ! He had a Smile Through out the whole video hahaha

  • Nice…