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Weedmaps Wednesday Living Extracts Chocolope – Chris from Living Extracts brings a slab of sappy pull and snap Chocolope for a Weedmaps Wednesday sesh with Gil. Please give a thumbs up if you dig this upload and want to continue seeing Weedmaps Wednesday episodes and more original content from WeedmapsTV!


  • I have been an active spokesperson for medical cannabis here in the state of Texas which isn't legal yet for cannabis as a medical state but I am fighting for the cause. I am currently a chronic pain person that is scared of all the pain meds they prescrib me every month and I would trade all of it for a medical cannabis card so I don't have to worry about the long term affects of my Dailey meds. I would love to have a platform where I can speak out about this issue and I believe that your show would be a perfect place to rally support for our cause .MEDICAL CANNABIS FOR ALL.

  • Hello Gil I think i should be in the chair reviewing strains with you because i am a cannabis connoisseur who is a cancer survivor who would like to share my story of having six different types of cancer and multiple surgeries including 2 open heart surgeries and one being a heart transplant. If I were chosen I would like to share my story and help promote cancer awareness and that cannabis and cancer go hand in hand along with reviewing the best cannabis strains with you. -Chris

  • Hi I'm darbyn , and I'm a minor medical marijuana patient in Oceanside California , I spend my time looking for the best extracts and flower out there , I have been watching your strain show case for about 2 years and it really bring s the cannabis community together , you also bring the best source of medicine to your table , I would be honoured to be at you strain showcase table . I have a great output on how describe flavors , thanks and have a great day . 

  • Ok, I love this new Weedmaps Wed, but I need a lil more commentary maybe, for the new people. Maybe tell me more about what you are dabbing. idk.

  • I wanna be on the showcase table because i can take FAT DABS. Also im pretty knowledgeable about many strains and all kinds of wax! Love to tak about it comes naturally! Taken low temp dabs gotta love them terps! Plus babes in the dispensaries say im boss with taken dabs. Try to give me half gram dab thinking id cough a lung but i took it exhaled said thanks and left to go dab at home some more 

  • Much love and respect you two! Thanks for representing Lucky Shamrock Farms in San Diego.  Love the Chocolope.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Well Gil, I currently care for my 87 year old grandfather and am just a normal guy. Have many excellent stories and come from a background you would least expect for someone who uses medicinal cannabis, and let's be honest I am way better than soulja boy. In fact the kid with Down syndrome down the street is more articulate. Promise I won't say gas, not even once.

  • Gil, we need to show the people good old cold water hash…and the grievo wand with the concentrate slide! just for the nostalgia and the true stoners out there.

  • Check all of my comments on the video posted after this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I'm gone win this shit when u see where I'm from dog. 

  • im 18 and a malaysian stoner who got locked up twice for weed before highschool . we only have schwag here . and i would really love to try hydroponics or dabs . anything hut shwag 

  • i would love to come in and talk about all the shop in my town and delivery services how thay say thay are out to help the  peopl and how i work at #PIRATECANDY  How thay make fun of people that worked for them cuuz i used dabz for my meds and that was not cool and no one had ther food handlers card and it is not hi end cocolat

  • Hey wassup gil n all of weedmaps tv. I jus Wana say I really like that ur show is based on the cannabis community and everything that comes wit it from show casing new glass, product, flowers and Anything new to the cannabis industry from letting the patient's get a better look at the people that are supplying the meds for the patient's it not jus a label u show the person behind the product. I go to as many cannabis events as I can n I approach everyone wit respect n ask alot of questions jus to get a fill of the community.every dab or flower I consume I almost analyze every new flavor I try jus because ikno all meds are different types n flavors n growers n processors so wen it's some good meds I can't help but let ukno how it is from the Smell to the break up the inhale exhale,n full effect of any meds I come across.ive been been a patient for 5 years but bin consuming cannabis for 15 years . I jus Wana say thank u weedmaps n gill if given the opportunity Ithink would be a great part of the weedmaps team it would give me a chance to learn more n grow wit the cannabis community n show people patients all over that cannabis is a medicine n not a harmful drug…

  • Dude i would love to come kick it with you and smoke some dabs on the show with you bro, I live in Illinois and have been smoking since i was 15. I am so passionaite about weed, and concentrates and have a good dab session with you and talk about everything weed related. Please bro give me a chance, show this Illinois boy how Cali boys hold it down. Peace man much love! Keep up the great work, and I respect what your are doing for the movement!

  • I have vaped and reviewed hundreds of strains. I am great at describing medicating effects.  I take incredibly large hits when needed. I have been asked if I had a phd in weed multiple times. I like to stay up caught up on all cannabis info especially medical benefits and flavors of different terpenes and cannabinoids. I can accurately describe herb in a way that can speak to any stoners heart.

  • Chocolpe smells like shit

  • Hello weed maps! my name is Anthony Murray I am 22 years old. first off i want tell you guys whats really important right now that i feel we are all missing! The world is dying and when is say that i mean MOTHER EARTH!! We as a whole is killing it human beings the greatest animal that walks this earth! The reason why is we do not love each other and do not reach out to each other anymore!! You know what  I really want? I want us all to come together and Weed is the natural way I can see that happening! So you want to know why i want to join Weed Maps T.V its to spread that love through one of my dearest loves!!! That is what I think and by me stepping out and in front of that camera and showcasing and showing the compassion and love for the plant that I have!! That I can make a difference in our community and help Mother Earth get better! Well Love And Peace and thanks for reading my entry Thanks!!!

  • Sick! I definitely need to move to a medical state.

  • What's up Gil? I live on the East coast but I've never had anything that I'd consider too strong or just too much, but I know you have it all. I want to be on the show but do you think you could introduce me to the best you've ever had?

  • I feel and know I would be a great choice due to my fun loving nature and love for cannabis and people, I bring a positive energy whomever i am around. I have had my Medical recommendation for 5 months so far and will bring a new fresh perspective to the show. Being somewhat of a new person to the smoking seen i would bring a fresh new experience for newbi viewers (perhaps attracting them showing them how a first time hit of a certain strain or piece would effect a new smoker rather than an a vet). I would enjoy LEARNING and APPRECIATE every opportunity i may be given because a chance given is a gateway into new ventures meeting new people and experiencing life. I would enjoy meeting the team and being apart of a great group. Thank you Weed Maps for creating a great way to obtain med's. If chosen i promise commitment and respect to help in any way i can.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    – Ricky Sanchez
    – 27
    -College Student