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Weedmaps Wednesday – Episode 01 – Living Extracts J1 – Gil sits down and has a quick sesh with Chris from Living Extracts when he came by to visit. They decided to turn on the cameras and dab on set.


  • Gil I would love to be part of your showcase. I love watching your strain reviews and seeing how each individual bud tastes and looks. I feel like I can contribute to Weedmaps T.V. With knowledge about individual strains. I love to talk about different strains and the different kind of weed there are in California. I can say I'm a connoisseur of weed than a pothead :)

  • Gil for Prez! I'll be your campaign manager, until then , I'll take a guests lot on your panel… 

  • What is that song called that you play in the back round it gots a nice instrumental to it 

  • cannabis puts the power in the palm. helps me play the guitar better.  now put me on that show with you. id love to be a part of that

  • hi gill i used to work for pirate candy and i know about all the shit clubs and rip off dlivery suvers  in temecula and all of 951

  • 4:20

  • Yo Gil your strain showcases are the best and most informative 1 because you dive right into it and don't blab on about random crap. I'm a Medical patient with severe social anxiety, add/adhd, and manic depressive. I have my medical card in Colorado and my cousin (who studied at the Cannabis College of Amsterdam) lives in california is almost a master grower and breeder. He was a Co-owner along with scot mendeleson and Eric Spoto (currently the world record holder in bench press) of The Green Door in Chatsworth CA. All my cuz does now is grow one strain of Sour D crossed with Colorado strain Trill OG. Problem is I currently live in Houston because of ill family and we are selling 70 acres. I have one of the highest tolerances for bud and I am very knowledgeable in the cannabis industry. I will be moving to SoCal at the end of august to early Sept. I am looking for a way to combat the anxiety I have without taking Xanax or pills. What you do is awesome and I would like to face my fears and do a strain showcase and upload it for everybody to see. If you have a chance and want to help kick these nervous tendencies let me know

  • Cannabis is a beautiful plant. Thanks for showcasing these strains in a way that outlines the important medicinal and recreational attributes of the plants with respect to every individual mother. Congratulations on your success, Gil, come visit the Bay soon.

  • Hey Gil I've been a huge fan and I've been watching me from the beginning! I would love to be on your show cannabis has helped me so much through my life.. whether its anxiety creativity or art or depression it helps with so many things. I watch your show and I wish I could experience the things you experience I live in Kansas and it's about as red as it gets… I have been ridiculed I've been judged for my beliefs in this state you would be amazed how many close minded people live outside of your state… Fear mongering is what these red states to do… To me it seems like people are scared of the unknown.

  • I don't know what y'all think about this one and its totally cool if y'all disagree but maybe also having a younger person on the show too, not saying that age really matters and adding anyones second view on the show is bound to be awesome who ever that lucky person might be, but adding the growing opionoin of some one just coming into the medical scene might be a nice touch. I'm 18 and just recently became a happy and passionate patient here in the beautiful state of California, I'm always in pursuit of more knowledge and new things in the wonderful world of cannabis and I have a great time doing it, I LOVE LEARNING! and so as a huge fan and just another aspiring cannoisseur please let me join you!
    -Just another friend, Ben

  • Don't ever!! Ever, ever, ever again bring fucking soujaboy back to the strain showcase ever! The man is garbage! He's not a connoisseur and don't know shit about weed. 

  • I HAVE to use medical marijuana. My neck collapsed  down on my spinal cord and had 3 surgeries in 5 months, (How many blondes do you know who have had their head but on 3 times to get it right!) It started when I was attacked by a woman named …..Constance Payne. I am on some of the strongest pain meds known to man and still have to use it. And I can't OD? It had me laughing when dilaudid wand valium were doing nothing for my pain. Thanks for the consideration. Sonia

  • Hey weedmaps, I made this channel just to comment! I run dankbudphotography on Instagram and DankBudShots on Twitter , we photograph a lot of herbs and love every minute of it. Would love to get on board – check us out and we will see you at the cannabis cup if your going ! Cheers #staylifted 

  • I learn so much from your show.. THANK you —THANK YOU

  • I should be on your show because I am old. I was born in 1949 and grew up in the 60's. It is people like me who have kept weed alive in this country thru thick and thin(legal times) Now that you are able to even have a show like weed TV, you should recognize those people who made it all possible. ….. and I think it would be really cool to be on the show and take a toke with you.. Thanks.

  • Hi gil I know I can make a great impression on your show I can commit to weed maps message I'm really funny and easy going I wanna share my experience of how weed has changed me into a different person in a great way

  • Clearabong channel. I love strain reviews. I attend every festival I can. And I research as much as possible about all facets of the industry. I'm currently pursuing an electrical engineering degree in order to have a secure and profitable job in the exploding mmj industry. I'm thoughtful, informative, and entertaining. And I of course live in souther California. Throw me on an episode! I'd be honored. And check out some of our reviews if you'd like! Jebbadank from Clearabong out! Love, green, and terpenes. ;)

  • I've been growing since I was 14, I'm in my 30's now. I've been involved with it all inside and out! I've done seminars and multiple consultations. I've grown using just about every major technique out there. My buddy owns an online cannabis Colledge called CTU. Cannabis Training University. He comes to California and brings a photographer to take pictures of my grow ops and picks my brain for info for courses through his school. They are a very professional school too! They teach you every aspect of the marihuana industry! From growing to bud tending/starting your own dispensary, cooking etc. if you go to their website and watch their preview videos, a lot of the footage is of me, without my face being shown of course. My main methods of growing now is organic in one room and drain to waste coco in another room.
    I also use a closed loop system for making extracts. I definitely love dabbing! :-)