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Weedmaps Washington: HIGH WA

Weedmaps Washington:

What a long strange road to legalization it’s been in the Evergreen State. But after playing yo-yo with its marijuana policy after six months, the state of Washington finally appears poised to launch it s recreational cannabis program. When Washington’s first legal cannabis purchase happens this summer, the state will join Colorado in the history books–and hopefully never look back. Tucked away in the scenic Pacific Northwest, this hip state neighbors Canada and its British Columbia Bud. With a rich, strong-rooted growing heritage, breeders, growers, and connoisseurs feel at home in this state nestled between both mountains and waters. Its location provides for phenomenal outdoor conditions and provides many picturesque smokescapes.

Check out our Smoker’s Guide to Washington:


  • You guys are good 

  • Onward and upward!

  • Remove Marijuana From Schedule 1
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  • @stanwoodspartons must be local to me im on Camano 

  • Lol nothing to report

  • I live in WA and there's a pot shop right down the street from me. I will still be buying my weed from my dealer cuz it's half the fucking cost and because there's no concentrates.

  • If we wanna keep price and quality up, we're gonna need to make people think that cannabis is a dangerous drug. We need federales kickin down peoples doors and ruinin lives for any amount… that's how you get a bunch of growers to work hard and get rich. -only half kidding
     I think that the new legal industry won't be anything like the blackmarket or mmj scene.

  • Boycott the fabricated scarcity, vacation in Colorado this summer.

  • TODAY'S THE DAY.$20a graham for mid grade,and up to $60 for top shelf.Still have to go to a dispensary for oil/wax though,and there prices just went up too. 

  • so dope