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Weedmaps TV Talks to Valerie Corral – Weedmaps TV traveled north to the beautiful Santa Cruz where Gil and the WeedmapsTV team had the chance to spend a day with and interview Valerie Corral. We visited the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), saw first hand a true collective at work, and also had the chance to visit the WAMM grow.


  •  I had the good fortune to meet Mrs. Corral at the HIGH TIMES San Francisco Cannabis Cup. What an amazing woman!

  • 120 thumbs up and one dick thumbs down lol

  • Love that woman and the work she does.

  • She has my last name?

  • Great interview, I can do without the drama music so I can hear this wonderful lady speak!

  • People like Valerie are the reason things are finally getting changed. Thank you so much for everything.

  • Just legalize it already it's what the people want we have spoken and heard it's these damn politicians who can't seem to hear us

  • If I could give 10 thumbs up I would it's so true I'm tired of living in a state where I fear for my freedom fear of loosing my job jus cuz i wanna smoke a joint but ima continue to do what I do because it's what I believe in I am not a drinker at all I have watched my grandfather drink himself to death another took 25 yrs to get sober and I'm watching my dad whom I love dearly drowned in the bottom of a whiskey bottle and my dad never started to drink hard until he was forced by law to put cannabis down he is a very successful business owner and did not wanna give up his company that he and his father created together

  • i love what you doing and hate what happen to you ,Jah and blessings

  • Great interview. I have nothing but respect for all of the work that Valerie Corral has done to educate people in Cali and world wide.

  • What a courageous woman! I love her! Peacie

  • legalize cannabis you greedy politicians/pharmacies! it's going to happen at some point! all you fools are doing is waiting until you are forced to change legislation which is HORSESHIT

  • dope vid unified we can make a diffrence 

  • Great information..

  • Wonderful video I always enjoy seeing others who are also helped so much by this wonderful plant.